Executive Summary


Choose one of the two opponents that you explored in your Topic 3 tractate. Create an magistrate analysis introduction of the findings on the separated concourse from the Topic 3 reverberation (seven to nine slides, unpopular of the designation and intimation slides) delay divert debater notes that could be delivered to a C-suite magistrate in a strengthening. Note that opportunity you should prepare comparisons to your concourse's opponent and the assiduity averages, the magistrate analysis should nucleus on a unmarried concourse from the two competing companies. Consider the feedback from your instructor on the instance consider reverberation you completed in Topic 3 and understand the subjoined in your introduction.

  1. A analysis of the assiduity and concourse chosen.
  2. An overview of the separated concourse's liquidity ratios not-absolute to the assiduity averages and to the opponent.
  3. An overview of the separated concourse's solvency ratios not-absolute to the assiduity averages and to the opponent.
  4. An overview of the separated concourse's profitability ratios not-absolute to the assiduity averages and to the opponent.
  5. Describe the weight of the budgeting mode in the separated concourse not-absolute to these ratios.

  1. Prepare a estrangement reverberation and balanced scorecard for the separated concourse, relatively calculateer the opponent concourse and assiduity averages for liquidity, solvency, and profitability.
  2. Identify which ratios collision principal budgeting decisions and clear-up how these ratios collision the decisions.
  3. A final analysis of how the separated concourse performed compared to the opponent and the assiduity.


Be stable to refer-to three to five applicable sources in maintenance of your contented. Utilize the GCU Library and palpable sources for your elimination.

Title slide and intimation slide are not understandd in the slide calculate. Understand debater notes adown each contented-related slide that delineate what would be said if giving the introduction in peculiar. Expand upon the instruction understandd in the slide and do not solely restate it. Enstable that the debater notes understand 50-100 words per slide.

Refer to the supplies, "Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations," located in the Student Success Center, for appended control on completing this assignment in the divert name.

While APA name is not required for the matter of this assignment, resistant academic agreement is expected, and in-text citations and intimations should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be establish in the APA Name Guide, located in the Student Success Center.