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subject - Grounds Visualization

Please form it very carefully and untilled all the instructions

Please discover the condition 16 in fixed perfect and toil accordingly

I keep besides fixed the illustration - superstore sales grounds

In this assignment, you get use the Illustration – Superstore Sales grounds and constitute a sequence of graphs. This may be re-examination for some and disgrace new for others, but this stalk cannot be neglected nor can we claim that this is notability we all recognize.


  1. Open the Illustration – Superstore grounds (a basic pivot board has been constituted for you but you are not required to use it).
  2. Reconstitute (the best that you can) the graphs in condition 16 of Excel Grounds Analysis
  3. Save an Excel perfect after a while a detached tab for each graph and designate the tabs after a while a name of the graph

Basic toil get forego basic space. To maximize points, you get scantiness to form fast the collection are formatted uprightly (comma’s, brief determination, etc.). Use keen penetration.

Below are the some development graphs that scarcity to be effected :

The grounds set I granted isn't an proper replica for condition 16. You can either add to the grounds set I granted or reconstitute what is in condition 16. I am not looking for the corresponding colors, the corresponding proper anything from the PDF, I am exact looking for you to semblance me that you can constitute these graphs in Excel. So perhaps hold of it this way. Semblance me an development of the forthcoming -

Clustered Column Chart
Combo Chart after a while Secondary Axis
Pictures in Column Chart
Band Chart
Thermometer Chart
Waterfall Chart
Stacked Column Chart
Any one graph of your valuable using PivotCharts