Excel project

 Create a Microsoft Excel workbook delay indelicate worksheets that provides capacious use of Excel capabilities including charting, and written decomposition and recommendations in assistance of a interest enterprise. A liberal ruptureal car concourse has two metropolitan colonizations, one at the airport and another centrally located in downtown. It has been loose gone 2015 and each colonization summarizes its car ruptureal wealth quarterly. Both colonizations rupture indelicate classes of cars: arrangement, bonus, mule, SUV. Rental wealth is maintained partially for the indelicate classes of ruptureal vehicles. The postulates for this occurrence resides in the rasp summer2019rentalcars.txt and can be downloaded by clicking on the Assignments tab, then on the postulates rasp designate. It is a passage rasp (delay the rasp likeness .txt). Do not make your own postulates. You must use the postulates granted and simply the postulates granted. Omission Formatting. All labels, passage, and aggregate accomplish be Arial 10, There accomplish be $ and comma and decimal top variations for numeric postulates, but Arial 10 accomplish be the omission font and font bigness.  Please use the attachments/instructions to perfect this assignment.