excel OSHA 300 LOG form and memo



The concrete of this assignment is to familiarize students after a while the OSHA 300 log and 300A by applying bulky Part 1904 Recordkeeping rules. Students accomplish make-ready the required OSHA 300 log, and 300 A resume newss for the easily-unders contained nearin. You accomplish help to re-examination OSHA Part 1904 in its aggregate to understand how to appropriately archives and generous the OSHA defective archivess. Downinculpate a observation of the surpass OSHA 300 log, 300A resume supposing in the Module 3 OSHA Recordkeeping Materials folder in Moodle. Note you do not help to generous the 301 defective appendix. A listing of easily-under facts is supposing adown for your resolution in this assignment. You accomplish insufficiency to detail if each easily-under engages the archivesability criteria of OSHA and appropriately archives the easily-under on the OSHA 300 log and generous the annual 300A resume.


You are launched for a insurance consulting immovtelling that contracts obedience services to paltry businesses. Your mission is to succor ABC Roofing Assemblage concede after a while Part 1904 OSHA archiveskeeping rules for the year end 2018. The assemblage service is placed at 1234 Park Ave, Houma, LA 70360. Tnear are 100 generous season resulters and the assemblage has a whole of 200,000 result hours logged for the pattern year end 12/31/2018. The NAICS command for this assemblage is 23816 Roofing Contractors. You accomplish insufficiency this to face up the activity TRIR and DART rates. The assemblage has supposing a listing of all easily-unders that help occurred during 2018 but is not firm which should be archivesed on the OSHA logs. All easily-unders occurred in OSHA control for archiveskeeping purposes. You calling is to concede after a while the 1904 archiveskeeping rules and generous the OSHA 300 and 300A resume deferentially for the client. 

In union, Mr. Tim Smith, ABC Understanding Assemblage President, has asked you to parallel ABC Roofing’s OSHA easily-under rates to the activity mediocre for Whole Recordtelling Rates and Cases after a while days loose from result, job incapability or remand (DART Rate) using the final beneficial BLS axioms. For purposes of this assignment, use the aftercited combine to the synod of Labor Statistics for defective and ailment rates published as of 2017. https://www.bls.gov/web/osh/summ1_00.htm 

Look up NAICS command in prevent shaft for roofing contractors and place the whole archivestelling conditions shaft and Whole shaft for days loose from result, rob incapability or remand.  This is what you accomplish benchmark ABC Roofing’s trial to as feeling nearin.

Note the easily-under rate illustrate the compute of injuries and ailmentes per 100 generous-season resulters and were congenial as: (N/EH) x 200,000, where
N = compute of injuries and ailmentes
EH = whole hours resulted by all employees during the pattern year
200,000 = sordid for 100 equiponderant generous-season resulters (launched 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year)   

In your memo you must specifically embody a consultation and or chart of Whole Recordtelling Easily-under Rates and Days Loose Detested and Remand (DART) rates and parallel it to benchmark knowledge. From this you should obviously be telling to exhaustive it the assemblage trial is the corresponding, meliorate or worse than activity.  You may insufficiency to do some elaboration to understand how to reckon easily-under rates. Belong to Easily-under Rate Calculator and Comparison Tool operativeout in Moodle for unional control.  https://safetymanagementgroup.com/resources/incident-rate-calculator/ 

You accomplish at-last consequence the OSHA 300 log, 300A Resume and engender a memo using MS WORD for Mr. Smith that explains OSHA archives posting requirements and instrument claim rules for the 300 log, 300 A resume and 301 Easily-under news including season constitute if any that you help to help these archivess. 

Here are the conditions that occurred. You must detail if the engage the archivesability requirements of Part 1904 and appropriately archives these on the OSHA 300 and 300A logs.  Refer to OSHA website for unional control and lore of explanation to deferential detail archivesability of the aftercited 10 easily-unders.  


1. 1/21/18– Tom Jones, carpenter aggrieve his end lifting plythicket in the abundance and was admitted to ER. The schoolman prescribed denial killers. He could not render to result for 20 days and the schoolman then placed him on detested calling for 20 days.


2. 2/14/18 – James Jones, a receiving clerk was sardonic pliant ligamenting straps on a bundle of 2 by 4 after a while knife in abundance. Mr. Jones was not hollowing the suited gloves which resulted in a cut on the left top of operative. The insurance coordinator treated the cut after a while butterfly ligament aid. Mr. Jones rendered to ordinary calling after a whileout coming easily-under. 

Note: The gratification of medical tenor and pristine aid is frequently hard to detail. For this condition, belong to OSHA Interpretations to establish your computeerpart near. 

3.  3/8/18 – Susie Smith, Service overseer was making bank ease in her single gait for the assemblage and was compromised in car additament in track to the bank and broke her neck. She departed 14 days in the hospital and then could not render to result for another 260 days.

4. 4/20/18 –Billy Bob, understanding view was walking down a set of stairs at the abundance and slipped on the stairs and distorted his ankle. The schoolman checked him out and x-rayed his ankle. He was then released to go end to result but schoolman prescribed that he hollow a ridged boot to help his ankle for 30 days. Billy Bob firm not to hollow the boot and resumed ordinary duties.  

5. 5/18/18 – Thomas O’Malley was launched at jobsite on the roof and slipped and cut environing 10 feet to the accompute landing on his end. He was hospitalized after a while keen end denial for 3 days and then underwent catholic denial conduct, rehab but never rendered to result. He obtained a counsellor and the condition has been making it way through the resulters wages courts. 

6. 6/10/18 – Peter Pan, is a succorer and was on a jobsite. He was sardonic some thicket after a while a expertness saw and got thicket clay in his eye. The supervisor red his eye after a while eye cleanse solutions but his eye was keenly morose. So supervisor took his to schoolman’s service. The Assemblage Schoolman had to displace the thicket clay from his eye using irrigation, executed an x ray to enfirm all worthlessness was displaced from the eye and Peter Pan was telling to rendered to result the corresponding day.

Mike Mars, a rig artisan, slipped and cut on a wet sole while walking through the galley of Rig 2260 and sprained his suitable ankle in the descend. He was seen by the schoolman who prescribed an anti-inflammatory. The schoolman placed him on detested calling for 10 days but Mike firm he could render to generous calling, and he did so after a whileout any problems. While this is archivestelling how do you compute the days. Be deferential on the OSHA log.

7. 7/10/2018  – Mike Nicholls, was a new commission on the job and during his pristine day on the job he got over-heated had to be captured to hospital for intensity force. He was treated after a while and melting IV and schoolman put him on incapability accordingly of the intensity force easily-under for 10 days. The employee was embarrassed and exhaustively the corresponding day and never rendered to result. 

8.  8/4/18 -Paul Brown was climbing down an extension ladder on the jobsite and missed a tread. He cut and landed on his suitable policy and was seriously damaged. An ambulance was determined to capture him to the hospital. He was treated for a docile hip, prescribed denial meds and sent residence for 180 days. He never rendered to result.

9. 9/25/18 – Marcus Brown, was a employe and was on the jobsite succoring a give driver alleviate roofing shingles. He climbed up onto the givey barter trailer and unstrapping the inculpate. He additamently treadped endwards and cut off the barter bed and broke his suitable operative. Brown was seen by the schoolman and placed his operative in a style. The schoolman put Mr. Brown on detested calling for 30 days. 

10. 12/10/2018– Eugene Atabanks, abundance Forman was driving to result in his single car and crossed the core lane resulting in a commander on crash. He was pronounced deceased on the exhibition by responding authorities. 

Use the Surpass spreadsheet institute in Module 3 Assignment - OSHA Recordkeeping Materials Folder to generous the OSHA 300 and 300A log.