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 Open the WearEverShoes-01.xlsx set-on-foot smooth. If the workbook opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing rush so you can disagree it. The smooth accomplish be renamed automatically to include your indicate. Transmute the scheme smooth indicate if directed to do so by your schoolmaster, and snatch it.

Remove a secede and benumb panes.

 Click the Secede rush [View tab, Window collection]. The secede is removed.

 Click cell A4 to benumb the post titles at this standing.

 Click the Benumb Panes rush [View tab, Window collection].

 Choose Benumb Panes. A strong boundary appears betwixt rows 3 and 4 to symptom the pane.

 Scroll to row 31 and click cell E31. The post titles are frozen.

 Type 3 and inculcate Penetrate (Figure 1-91).There is a slim boundary subordinate the cells in row 3

Figure 1-91 Panes frozen at cell A4

 Press Ctrl+Home. The elongation aim returns to cell A4.

Change zoom greatness and unbenumb the pane.

 Click the 100% rush [View tab, Zoom collection].

 Click the Benumb Panes rush [View tab, Window collection].

 Choose Unbenumb Panes.

 Click cell A1.

Check spelling in the worksheet.

 Click the Spelling rush [Reexamination tab, Proofing collection]. The primary event of “Hikin” is rest as misspelled.

 Select Hiking in the Suggestions register.

 Click Transmute All to improve all events of the misspelled promise (Figure 1-92).

The improve spelling is H I K I N G in Suggestions register

Figure 1-92 Transmute all events of a misspelled promise

 Click OK.

Use the Acception Handle to portraiture a formula.

 Click H4. The formula flaunts in the Formula bar. The formula multiples the bulk by the require to number the appraise of the vulgar fund (Figure 1-93).The formula is E4 ages G4

Figure 1-93 Formula to be copied

 Point to the Acception Handle for cell H4.

 Double-click the Acception aimer. The formula is copied down the full post.

 Press Ctrl+Home.

 Click the Themes rush [Page Layout tab, Themes collection] and appropriate Ion from the gallery.

Merge and character the titles.

 Select cells A1:J1 and click the Merge & Character rush [Home tab, Alignment collection].

 Merge and character cells A2:J2.

Apply cell titles and adjust row exaltation.

 Select cell A1, click the Cell Styles rush or the More rush [Home tab, Styles collection], and choice Title in the Titles and Headings mode.

 Select cell A2 and allot the Indicate 4 title.

 Click the Font Greatness arrow [Home tab, Font collection] and choice 14 pt. The font greatness transmute overwrites the font greatness of the cell title.

 Point to the row 1 indicate and draw to choice row indicates 1:2.

 Click the Format rush [Home tab, Cells collection] and appropriate Row Height.

 Type 22 as the new row exaltation and inculcate Enter.

 Select cells A3:J3.

 From the Cell Styles gallery [Home tab], choice Light Yellow, 40% - Accent3.

 Apply doughty to the choiceed cells.

 Click the row 3 indicate.

 Point to the foot boundary of the row indicate to flaunt the regreatness arrow.

 Drag the regreatness arrow to 21.00 (28 pixels) as the new row exaltation and free the aimer (Figure 1-94).

The regreatness aimer is betwixt the row indicates for rows 3 and 4

Figure 1-94 Adjust row exaltation from the row indicate

 Click the Zoom Out rush in the Status bar if compulsory so that you can see all rows (1:39).

Change alignment, format appraises, allot boundarys, and extension the clog.

 Select cells D4:F39.

 Click the Character rush [Home tab, Alignment collection].

 Select cells G4:H39.

 Click the Accounting Number Format rush [Home tab, Number collection].

 Select cells A3:J39.

 Click the Borders drop-down arrow [Home tab, Font collection] and choice All Borders.

 Click the Font greatness drop-down arrow [Home tab, Font collection] and appropriate 12 ageliness the cells are choiceed.

 Select cells B4:C39 and click the Extension Clog rush [Home tab, Alignment collection] one age. This moves the dedicate abroad from the boundary for easier lection.

 Click and draw to choice posts A:J.

 Double-click the boundary betwixt posts J and K to AutoFit the choiceed posts (Figure 1-95).

Columns A:J are choiceed and withdrawn gray

Figure 1-95 Choice post indicates to AutoFit

 Select and character align the dedicates in row 3.

Insert a post and fashion a exemplar to acception facts.

 Right-click post indicate B.

 Choose Introduce from the matter menu.

 In cell B3, fashion Disc? and inculcate Enter.

 In cell B4, fashion No and inculcate Enter.

 In cell B5, fashion No and inculcate Enter.

 In cell B6, fashion Yes and inculcate Enter. The exemplar is two events of No and one event of Yes.

 Select cells B4:B6 and extension the clog twice.

 Select cells B4:B6 and double-click the Acception aimer (Figure 1-96).The Acception aimer flaunts at cell B6

Figure 1-96 Double-click the Acception aimer to thorough a series

 Select cells A4:A39 and extension the clog one age.

 Press Ctrl+Home.

Reindicate the prevarication tab.

 Double-click the Sheet1 tab.

 Type Inventory and inculcate Enter.

Use Page Layout examination to introduce a footer.

 Click the Page Layout rush in the Status bar.

 Click the character header individuality. The Header & Footer Tools tab is locomotive.

 If compulsory, click the Header & Footer Tools Design tab to flaunt it.

 Click the Go to Footer rush [Header & Footer Tools Design tab, Navigation collection].

 Click the average individuality if compulsory.

 Click the Smooth Indicate rush in the Header & Footer Elements collection. The code is &[File].

 Click a workprevarication cell to see the smooth indicate.

 Switch to Normal examination and inculcate Ctrl+Home.

Change page setup options.

 Click the Page Layout tab and click the Page Setup launcher.

 Display the Page tab and choice the Landscape radio rush subordinate Orientation.

 Select the Fit to radio rush and penetrate 1 page remote by 1 towering.

 Click OK.

 Switch to Normal examination and inculcate Ctrl+Home.

Set a imimimprint area.

 Select cells A1:K11.

 Click the Page Layout tab.

 Click the Imimprint Area rush [Page Setup collection] and choice Set Imimprint Area.

 Press Ctrl+Home.

 Click the Smooth tab and choice Imimprint to preexamination the workprevarication imimimprint area.

 Return to the worksheet.

 Click the Snatch rush in the Quick Access toolbar to snatch the workbook transmutes. The imimimprint area is snatchd.

 Close the workbook (Figure 1-97).