Your surrender must be your primary effect. No aid than a thoroughly whole of 30% of the surrender and no aid than a 10% eterm to any one personal fountain can be straightly quoted or air-tight paraphrased from fountains, well-balanced if cited correctly. The primaryity rumor that is granted when you present your drudgery can be used as a regulate.

You must use the rubric to trodden the fable of your surrender consequently it affords elaborate criteria that succeed be used to evaluate your effect. Each capacity under may be evaluated by aid than one rubric donation. The rubric donation titles may comprehend hyperlinks to appropriate portions of the mode.

Tasks may not be presentted as shade links, such as links to Google Docs, Google Slides, OneDrive, etc., consistent determined in the drudgery capacitys. All other surrenders must be smooth types that are uploaded and presentted as attachments (e.g., .docx, .pdf, .ppt).

A.   Write a epitome of the tenor and the discerption you designed in Drudgery 2.

B.   Write an evaluation of (i.e., accomplish term self-confidence for) your design. Include each of the following:

•   how you approached formative evaluation (term self-confidence), including term self-confidence criteria (the metrics that succeed estimate the design's good-fortune and express results)

•   how you experimented your discerption

•   experiment cases and scenarios you used

•   the retort criteria and the evaluation frameeffect (grounded on perseverance standards, regulations, or other gratifying criteria) that you used

C.   Write a retrospect of your completed design. Include each of the following:

•   whether all of your assumptions were resolved as expected

•   all of the phases of the design

•   any deviations in design timeframe

•   design dependencies

•   refountain capacitys

•   dignified design milestones reached grounded on the implementation strategy

•   what is nature delivered to the concourse, such as hardware and software

•   which deliverables you cunning to present to muniment and illustrate your implementation cunning

D.   Write an sense of any revisions you made grounded on the formative evaluation results.

E.   Write an sense of your cunning for summative evaluation.

F.   Write an sense of which groups should admit biased rumors and evaluation results (e.g., unconcealed notice for stakeholders, high-level rumor for design bail), including how those rumors and results succeed be disseminated.

G.   Write a post-implementation term of coming foundation for the discerption, including cunningned aid upgrades. Include each for the following:

•   the productionss needed for post-implementation foundation and how those productionss succeed be obtained

•   a elaborate cunning for short- and long-term maintenance

H.   Write a post-implementation design epitome. Include each of the following:

•   the deliverables included to muniment the cunning and system (e.g., samples or artifacts that afford exemplification of the implementation)

•   the criteria and evaluation frameeffect that your design good-fortunefully addressed for how you evaluated each outcome

•   a maintenance of differences among designed and express outcomes

•   what you well-informed from the system of completing this design

I.   Acknowledge fountains, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for contentededed that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

J.   Demonstrate authoritative message in the contentededed and donation of your surrender