Evaluate the technologies that support and supplement EHRs.

   Assignment Details Unit Outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Evaluate the technologies that assistance and appendix EHRs. Discuss EHR rule challenges and the assistanceing roles of HIM professionals in addressing these challenges. Develop an consciousness for the planning and applianceation aspects of EHRs. Provide examples of EHR rules as they may be applianceed in multiform types of vigor anxiety settings. Evaluate the rejoinder and challenges associated delay the NHIN (National Vigor Information Network). Course Outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment: HI300-1: Depict the phases and activities in the rules outgrowth activity cycle. Instructions: Imagine that you are the HIT Director for a vigoranxiety ease and you are tasked delay qualitative the ease in converting their employment to electronic vigor chronicles.  For this Assignment, you conquer cunning and compose a Microsoft PowerPoint® grant that highlights the planning and applianceation arrangement when converting to electronic vigor chronicles. You conquer give this PowerPoint to other stakeholders in the HIT Department. Please enclose the forthcoming topics in your grant: Name and depict 2 examples of EHRs used in vigoranxiety facilities and sift-canvass the pros and cons of each. What technologies would the ease need to appliance electronic vigor chronicles? Describe how the ease should appliance EHRs using the phases of the rule outgrowth activity cycle as a lead. Your grant must keep at last 15–20 slides. Please use the notes minority to whitewash everything that faculty be confusing and everything that needs elaboration such as definitions. Requirements: This Assignment should supervene the conventions of Standard English (amend phraseology, punctuation, etc.). Your despatches should be courteous-mannered-mannered ordered, argumentative, and unified, as courteous-mannered-mannered as initiatory and insightful. The media used (including your quotation) should be justly cited. Your toil should flaunt conspicuous gratified, structure, diction, and mechanics.