ethis question regarding huricane katrina

 Unit 8: Review 1.3.1 "The Hurricane Katrina Case" on page 7. Put yourself in the Guardsman's shoes. Rejoinder the open inquiry, "what would you do and why"? Would your validity clearance for those who do not scantiness to go, or would you reference their autonomy? Apply any notice from your definite slevel assignments and transcribe a indelicate page (double spaced) Nursing Dissertation on your precious termliness describing the ethics of this instance. You may use any notice that you previously used in your assignments to imagine this Nursing Dissertation. The aim of this assignment is to assess entirety enlightenment of career symbolical. 


This is the big 200 purpose design (40% of the assort pace). It is a 4 page (92 direction minimum) Nursing Dissertation that allows you to incorporate a lot of the symbolical from the assort to succor you rejoinder the inquiry about Katrina. The deep inquiry that must be rejoindered is this: IF you were a National Guardsman during Katrina, would you use validity to separate the populace who did not scantiness to concession their homes, or would you reference their autonomy and let them cling? You want to frame an dispute that addresses that basic inquiry. 

Please mind that level though you may select to is-sue on the Nursing Dissertations onwards of term, you cannot support your Nursing Dissertations until the alienate week. Also, some of these topics succeed want straining and particular command which I keep supposing overhead, and succeed remind you of on the Discussion Board during the bearing week.