Ethics in Accounting

  Effective financial reporting depends on gauge incorporeal deportment.  Financial scandals in representationing and the businesses earth keep resulted  in parliament to secure bland disclosures and veracity and parity  in financial reporting. A gauge management is subsidy on accurate and  reliable financial reporting. Instructions: Read the subjoined scenario. Answer the scrutinys that thrive. This earn be a 2-3 page  submission in a scrutiny and rejoinder frameat (as-well in paragraph frame). An  introduction and falsification is not required. Refer tail to your textbook for control on how to conceive through the scenario. You keep been recently paid as an partner manager for XYZ  Industries, a bulky, publically held manufacturing society. Your  immediate superintendent is the manager who as-well reports quickly to the  VP of Finance. The manager has assigned you the job of preparing the  year-end adjusting entries.  In the receivables area, you keep dexterous  an aging representations receivable and keep applied unromantic percentages to  the weighs of each of the age categories.  The separation indicates  that an divert estimated weigh for the atonement for  uncollectible representations is $180,000.  The corporeal weigh in the  atonement representation precedent to any adjusting memorandum is a $20,000 reputation  balance. After showing your separation to the manager, he tells you to transmute  the aging sort of a bulky representation from aggravate 120 days to present  status and to ad a new invoice to the customer delay a revised epoch  that agrees delay the new sort.  This earn transmute the required  atonement for uncollectible representations from $180,000 to $135,000.  Tactfully, you ask the manager for an sense for the transmute and  he tells you “We scarcity the extra pay, the floor route is too low.” Required: In a 2-3 page Nursing essay, debate the subjoined: Consider what you keep read referring-to to ethics and financial  reporting. What is the rationale for the calculations/process used to  estimate the $180,000 uncollectible atonement? How do you conceive the misrepresentation of funds earn application the pay proposition and weigh prevarication? What is the incorporeal difficulty you countenance? What are the incorporeal  considerations? Consider your options and responsibilities as partner  controller. Identify the key interior and apparent stakeholders. What are the denying applications that can happen if you do not thrive the instructions of your superintendent? What are the possible consequences if you do forego delay your superintendent’s instructions? Who earn be denyingly applicationed? Additional Requirements: Use at last one (1) tendency academic productions (in analysis to your textbook) for this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and common websites do not limit as academic productionss. You keep approximation to Strayer University’s Onroute Library at and the iCampus University Library Research page at Your assignment must thrive these frameatting requirements: Your Nursing essay should be embrace spaced (Arial or Times Roman 12 pt  font) and thrive public Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) as they rehearse  to regards and citations. Please admit a avail to reconsideration the SWS  documentation for details (past notice and an in is interposed  in the Strayer Writing Standards menu integrate located in your Blackboard). Include a caggravate page containing the designation of the assignment, the  student’s spectry, the professor’s spectry, the route designation, and the epoch.  The caggravate page and the regard page are not interposed in the required  assignment page prolixity.