Ethics and decision making 1806

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"Ethics and Decision Making" Gladden rejoin to the following:
1. From the video, argue the ethical principles influencing twain Hundert’s and Bell’s thinking. Procure restricted examples to stay your reply.
link to video

2. Develop S.M.A.R.T. motives that you see benefitting your exoteric (or coming) master. Procure your rationale.

example of spruce motive

"Goal: Procure sales projections installed on booking bound and endowment register that each maintain an mediocre 80% prevention reprove aggravate 12 months. 

Specific: procure sales forecasts
Measurable: booking bound and endowment register prevention installed on actuals obtained
Attainable: daily/monthly updates can be made installed on customer changes, so it is attainable if I command to traffic changes as they occur
Realistic: 80% is a tighten motive, but realistic to unromantic results
Timely: monthly inputs and per-annum mediocre are seasonable and discoverable to motive "