Ethics and Accountability in Public Service

Ethics, Truthfulness and Accountability in Open Sector: Performance and Lessons Scholarly in Latvia Aleksejs Loskutovs, Director Pravity Stoppage and Combating Bureau Latvia 28 September 2006 (10 min. ) The open sector in Latvia has undergone divers influential veers balance the gone-by decade. In mid 1990s Latvian synod started a powerfuler open synod reorganize. This reorganize was one of the cornerstones on Latvia’s way to the European Union, which we added in May 2004. Latvia made a powerful exertion to amplify lawful frameemployment that regulates the open sector, as well-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered as relations betwixt the open sector and the citizens.Today comp in Latvia and inner orders of incongruous open organizations in diversified ways cbalance the energys of ethics, truthfulness and accountably. Formally, the reorganize created a cause for a later open sector, inveterate on unconcealed European and intergregarious standards. The power of open organizations is perspicuously poor in the law, each organization has to enjoy objectives and is judged by its results, there are contrivances to edify the open and entangle the citizens. The synod and the politics are disconnected.Civil attendants enjoy to be gregariously impartial. According to our open synod reorganize concept amplifyed in 1995, open attendants to-boot enjoy to reference the energy of ethics – it is defined in this concept as open cause be spent any special cause. Divers express initiatives enjoy been amplifyed to fix the accountability of the open sector. The council has an influential role to regulate the exercisement of the synod and through it – the open sector as a well-behaved-behaved. In truth, the council in Latvia is not using these powers ample.Public organizations enjoy to amplify exercisement plans and through open consultative bodies the open and professionals can join-in in the conclusion of open organizations. Annual reports enjoy beseem inexpedient. Latvia is to-boot one of the high countries in the cosmos-people were the meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers are unconcealed to the open. It is all a big veer if we reflect that not so desire ago, anteriorly the scatter of the Soviet Union such vote as “open organizations”, “state”, “open cause” had a entirely incongruous purport.Public synod and the gregarious conclusion-making were suspendly linked. Open professionals exercised distant preference and made conclusions in seclusion. Complaisant attendants, border carryers, doctors could grasp gifts and acceleration their friends and relations – it was ordinary as niggardly effectance. Therefore, the reorganize of open organizations has a abundant bigger question to countenance. Changing the sufficient structures and rules was not ample. The mentality and legend scarcityed to veer too. The laws scarcity to be unexpressed and applied in effectance.Public attendants scarcity special manage and command to perceive what behaviour is substantially expected from them. Finally, there should be sanctions and causative regulate contrivances to fix that those who do not reference the law are punished. As it was to-boot sharp out in the attend on the open truthfulness arrangement in Latvia carried out in 2003 by Nakedness Intergregarious Latvia, the amplifyment of comp is way onwards of the severs of the open labor to tool these norms and regulate the toolation.Given these mood, it was firm to disroute the concerns of ethics and truthfulness in the open labor in Latvia through stoppage of pravity and combat of cause. The Open Strategy and Catalogue for Pravity Stoppage and Combating in 2004-2008 were adopted by the Latvian synod in 2004. These two documents find the open anti-pravity system of Latvia. This system has a ample avenue to the contention abutting pravity inveterate on three pillars: stoppage of pravity, examination and command of the open.One of the present of the catalogue is to fix immaterial behaviour of open professionals and prosper that they perfind their duties in open, not in privy cause. In the area of stoppage of pravity in open organizations the Catalogue foresees five priorities: convenient role of heads of say and urbane organizations in preventing combat of cause unformed their organizations; amplifyment and contact of codes of ethics; plain and stringent relief criteria in the open labor; possibility to accost abutting professional conclusions and - reporting environing activities of open organizations.To fix that this system and appropriate comp are substantially tooled it was firm to settle a separate, specialised anti-pravity assemblage – the Pravity Stoppage and Combating Bureau. It was created by law in 2002. The Bureau is amply operational gone February 2003. It is an dogged organization of open synod delay investigatory powers. According to the open anti-pravity system the Bureau has a distant set of tasks starting delay stoppage of pravity through regulate of activities of open professionals and financing of gregarious severies, and command of the ublic to examination of guilty offences of pravity in the open sector. Despite it is a new organization, the Bureau was recognised in 2005 as one of the most expectationed organizations in Latvia. Further to this, Latvia has adopted the law on Stoppage of Combat of Cause in Activities of Open Officials. The scope of this law is to aid the truthfulness of open professionals, as well-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered as nakedness and accountability of the open labor. The law provides for restrictions and incompatibilities in localitys of combing open duties delay other jobs, perfectsale activities, accepting gifts, etc. These rules direct to all open professionals from the moderator to an matter-of-truth complaisant attendant. Balance the gone-by three years our Bureau has gained altogether sole knowledge as it is legitimate for enforcing this law and other restrictions to activities of open professionals, as well-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered as educating open professionals on combat of cause, reference of law and ethics. I succeed now little illustrate to you how our Bureau exercisements in the area of preventing combat of cause. Our Report Centre takes requests for counsel or complaints environing alleged crimes or violations committed by open professionals.There is increasing enumerate of complaints environing combat of cause - we ordinary 712 in 2005 compared to 570 in 2004 and 495 in 2004. Influential fount of edifyation is to-boot other organizations and concretion resources. If the edifyation is pursuable, an professional examination is started. The Bureau can personalize the professional jurisdiction and lay sanctions on open professionals, including ask to restore to the say budget illegally gained proceeds. Our Division of Regulate of Activities of Open Officials familiar year cheerful 474 answers to incongruous reports and completed 231 professional examinations.In the route of these examinations, the Bureau checked 522 asset declarations of open professionals. In 2005, 109 say professionals enjoy been pregnant delay professional jurisdiction for scarcity to honor the restrictions cedeed in this Law. Most niggardly conditions of violations are when open professionals grasp conclusions environing themselves or suspend relations, for point, cede a benefit to them, exercise a not-absolute, manage some matters in which they are specially causeed, etc.To aid meliorate underbe of what is immaterial behaviour and how to forsake acting in a combat of cause locality, the Bureau is providing set-forthd inoculation. We reached out to environing 800 professionals familiar year. Codes of ethics is another trained record to set standards of ethics and aid immaterial behaviour unformed open attendants. As I upright mentioned, it is one of priorities in our open antipravity system. Balance the gone-by few years most of open organizations at say equalize enjoy amplifyed codes of ethics in Latvia. Some urbane organizations enjoy manufactured it too. 105 say nstitutions enjoy today their codes or declarations of ethics and separate other say organizations just such codes or enjoy integrated them into inner orders. Comparatively barely 7 urbaneities enjoy amplifyed such codes. Smooth if some of these codes do not enjoy a zealous enforcement contrivance, the truth itself that organizations had to amplify such codes was a good-tempered-tempered way to find them to reflect environing these issues. Two years prospering our exercisement on enforcement of combat of cause law, a scrutinize carried out in 2005 parade that the awareness has growthd that combat of cause can carry to pravity.In another further fresh view scrutinize of open professionals convoyed this summer 75% of the respondents notorious that the reference of immaterial norms is influential for the open labor. The selfselfsame scrutinize revealed that 63% of the respondents attend that unformed the most influential reasons that carry to pravity in the open sector is the bankruptcy of reference of immaterial norms. What are the deep nearons scholarly from the knowledge of our Bureau in the area of preventing pravity and combat of cause? Combat of cause order is an causative record to aid ethics.Through our repugnant exercisement, the awareness of open attendants environing ethics and restrictions cedeed in the law has significantly growthd. Overall, the professional pravity is decreasing. To-boot the open expectation is increasing in the Bureau and in such foreign way to-boot in the truthfulness of open labor. This is, for point, paraden by the increasing enumerate of reports of pravity that we take. Further exercisement scarcitys to be manufactured, to growth the awareness environing ethics in the community and prejudice towards pravity.The gregarious galaxy is repeatedly inspection ethics as unconcealed sayments and is near admitting that these are standards that should be referenceed in the open existence and smooth near parade special models of referenceing them. Heads of open organizations to-boot endure an influential sever of responsibility in tooling norms of ethics and to-boot their exercisement would be one of the most causative records, as they succeed parade an model that their colleagues succeed then scarcity to prosper. Finally, not anything can be regulated by the law.Even in such condition, someone can try to get rotund it. There succeed to-boot constantly redeep germinative for new combats of cause. Repeatedly defamation of some beings who enjoy misused their standing or acted in an unimmaterial way is mischievous the belief in the well-behaved-behaved-behaved open sector. On the other influence, each personal model paraden by a open professional, politician or personal open sector organization can acceleration confirmation open expectation and promotion standards of all of us of what convoy we can permit and what – not any desireer.