Ethical theories and principles project

In each week, you gain accept the opening to scrutinize an ghostly system—consequential ethics, utilitarian ethics, deontological ethics, and nonconsequential ethics—in the tenor of a instance scenario from your textbook. In this week, the centre gain be on utilitarian ethics. Reconstituent from your lectures ultimate week that utilitarian ethics is a result-based system that says the presumptive merit of an renewal is unshaken singly by its power to maximize wellbeing or purpose for all.


Review the forthcoming instance:

Daniel was the ultimate of the five conferenceees for the CEO’s lie at Anytown Medical Center. During the conference, a constituent of the finance committee asked, “Daniel, how would you maximize an allocation of $100,000 to expend for neat unrepining economy, so the high budget and fabrication projects?” Monk Paul, the consultation president, borrowed, “Daniel, purpose encircling the scrutiny. I gain afford you five minutes to produce an rejoinder.” Daniel responded, “Bishop Paul, I am disposed to rejoinder your scrutiny.” The trustees looked subordinately surprised, as Monk Paul delay a encourage undeviatingly responded, “You may income delay your rejoinder.” Daniel replied, “An old Chinese by-word came to my succeed as undeviatingly as the scrutiny was asked: ‘Give a man a fish and you heal him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you heal him for a epoch.’ You are conferenceing me as the CEO of your hospital. I see my job is to advise you that employees are totally trained to economy for the unrepinings whom the hospital serves. I gain maximize the estimate of each and perfect dollar by determining the aptitude sets that the staff is rare and retrain the staff in the areas wless deficiencies are illustrious.”

Bishop Paul looked encircling the crave oval consultation at the trustees, “This has been a crave day and a grueling conference arrangement for Daniel. Are tless any other scrutinys you would love to ask him?” Tless was hush, as the trustees nodded their heads no. Monk Paul looked at Daniel and thanked him for his share in proper the hospital’s proximate CEO. Monk Paul encouraged and acrimonious his swivel chair encircling as Daniel was walking toward the debouchure and asked, “Daniel, could you not liberty the fabric proportioned yet. If you could proportioned endure beyond the extent and accept a risk in the doctors’ luxuriate area.” After encircling twenty minutes, a trustee went into the luxuriate wless Daniel was sitting and asked him to yield to the consultationroom. As he entered the extent, Monk Paul incident up and looked at Daniel rectilinear in his eyes and said, “Daniel, you were the ultimate to be conferenceed accordingly you were on the “short list” of candidates selected to be conferenceed.

Speaking for the consultation, your counterpart to the ultimate scrutiny was just icing on the cake, confirming our share in you connection our staff. Both the Consultation of Trustees and constituents of the Medical Executive Committee unanimously accept recommended you as our CEO, delay which I categorically concentrate. “Welcome to Anytown Hospital.” The trustees incident and clapped their hands. The monk acrimonious to the trustees and said, “Wow, that’s a first!”

In a 2- to 3-page instrument, total the forthcoming tasks:

  • Summarize the deep creed of utilitarian system of ethics and sift-canvass how Daniel’s counterpart to the trustee’s scrutiny of how he would expend the $100,000 fits the utilitarian system of ethics.
  • Assess whether other theories of ethics as-well exercise less and get a comparison and proportionedification for at lowest one other system—consequential, deontological, or nonconsequential.
  • Discuss if Daniel, metaphorically indicative, succeeded in maximizing wellbeing in the eyes of the consultation.

To living your operation, use your order and textbook readings and as-well use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, select your sources in your operation and get references for the citations in APA produceat.