Topic: Benchmark - Christianity and Research The ascend of temporal humanism to promotion in the or-laws fraternity has led to the mantra that there is no locate for Christianity in or-laws examine. This assignment conquer investigate the virtual encounter of Christianity, expertness, and ethics, and conquer direct the scholar to produce conclusions in-reference-to the alienate rule of the Christian worldview on psychology elimination ethics. General Requirements: Use the forthcoming instruction to fix fortunate example of the assignment: · Doctoral scholars are required to use APA name for their writing assignments.  · You are required to succumb this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. · Support all statements delay alienate, coeval elimination. Cite and intimation at smallest two scholarly sources other than those in the module and assignment readings. Directions: Write a monograph (2,000-2,250 language) that addresses the role of the Christian worldview in the contact of elimination ethics in the ground of psychology. Address the forthcoming in your monograph: 1. Is Christianity specifically adverse delay Ph.D. elimination in the ground of psychology? Why or why not? 2. Is the Christian worldview consistent delay elimination ethics in the ground of psychology? Why or why not? 3. To what space should the Christian worldview rule the image of psychology elimination conducted and the ethics of that elimination? Why? 4. To what space do you know that the Christian worldview conquer rule the subject and ethics of your purposed dissertation elimination? Why? Is this irrelative than you expected? Why or why not? (Benchmarks Relationships, Spirit, and Self-Discovery C8.1: Appraise the disconnection of one's indivisible wilful and worldview.) Study Materials 1. Decoding the Ethics Code: A Practical Direct for Psychologists. Chapters 3 and 4. 2. The Ebon Verge of Administrative Ethics: a. Knapp, S., Handelsman, M. M., Gottlieb, M. C., & VandeCreek, L. D. (2013). The ebon verge of administrative ethics. Administrative Psychology: Elimination and Practice, 44(6), 371-377. b. URL: 3. What Are some Christian Worldview Essentials? a. Slick, M. (n.d.). What are some Christian worldview essentials? URL: 4. What's a Christian Worldview? a. Tackett, D. (n.d.). What's a Christian worldview? [Web log support]. b. URL: christian-worldview/whats-a-worldview-anyway 5. Bishop Barron on Christianity and Ethics a. Barron, R. (Director). (2015, February 12). Bishop Barron on Christianity and  ethics. [Video]. b. URL: 6. Worldview: Christian Ethics a. (2016). Worldview: Christian ethics. b. URL: SOLUTION