Ethical considerations

With this scenario there are a few ethical considerations, all with the best interest of the patient in mind while respecting his religion and moral rights. Ethical considerations include the moral rights of the patient, meaning that the patient over all has the right to decide their own course of treatment based on his/her beliefs. There are many cultures through out the entire world that have their own way of dealing with the sick or injured based on their own belief system. In this specific case, Christian Scientist do not believe in healthcare but instead base their health and wellness off of the healing power of prayer and Jesus Christ, therefore causing them to refuse medical care and treatment. “Christian Science is the largest and most recognized of various spiritual healing groups that encourage members to forgo or overcome the need for medicine” (Manca, p. 1, 2011) Christian scientists based these beliefs off of the many passages written with

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Ethical Considerations

Ethical Considerations

Imagine that you are employed by an EHR (electronic health record) vendor and are the project manager for a hospital’s EHR implementation. If your team has technically satisfied all of the project requirements specified in the project plan but the hospital staff has encountered numerous issues during the go-live, what level of continued support would be ethical? After all, your team has technically fulfilled its requirements. What is the ethical balance between providing the minimum required level of support and becoming mired in a support process that never seems to end?

In this Discussion, you explore these issues by assessing the ethical considerations in a HIT (health information technology) project closeout.

To prepare:

Review the Project Management Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct in this week’s Learning Resources.
Conduct additional research in the Walden Library databases and other online sources that address ethical considerations during project closeout.
Consider when it is appropriate to provide support for a project past its stipulated timeline. How could this expanded support benefit and/or harm a project vendor?
How might you decide when to stop providing support?
Think about how maintaining your reputation as a vendor might affect your decision to provide support.

Post by tomorrow 11/08/16 a minimum of 550 words essay in APA format with 3 references from the list below, addressing the level one headings as numbered below:

1) your stance on ethical considerations regarding project closeouts.

2) Explain when it may be appropriate to provide support for a project past its stipulated timeline and the ramifications of doing so. Justify your response.

Required Readings

Project Management Institute. (2013). A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK guide) (5th ed.). Newtown Square, PA: Author.

•Chapter 12, “Project Procurement Management” •12.4, “Close Procurements” (pp. 386–389)

This section of Chapter 12 describes the process of completing project procurements. In particular, the chapter focuses on the tools, techniques, inputs, and outputs of closing procurements.

Buelow, J. R., Zuckweiler, K. M., & Rosacker, K. M. (2010). Evaluation methods for hospital projects. Hospital Topics, 88(1), 10–17.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

In this article, the authors report the findings of a survey of hospital managers on the use of project selection and evaluation methods. The analysis of the survey provides insight into the most frequently used evaluation methods.

Rosenberg, S., & Rodik, J. (2012). Go-live: Bedside nurses and informatics. Nursing Management, 43(6), 44–46.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

This article explores the implementation of an informatics system at Salem Community Hospital in Salem, Ohio. The article describes how enhanced communication between super users and end users can lead to greater user satisfaction at closeout.

Project Management Institute. (2013). PMI’s code of ethics and professional conduct. Retrieved from

This web page contains the Project Management Institute’s Code of Ethics. The code explains the ethical expectations that the institute holds for its members and peer

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