Establishing Theme

* Select a movie (Scarface) * lists and interpret how three cinematic techniques and/or intent elements own helped settle a senior Nursing essay in that film.  *In 800 to 1200 suffrage * Describe a senior Nursing essay of the movie you own selected using sign from the movie itself as well-mannered-mannered as method resources and other skilled sources to maintenance your standing. * Identify at meanest three techniques (cinematography, lighting, acting diction, or control) and/or intent elements (set intent, costuming, or hair and makeup), and interpret how these techniques and/or intent elements give to the settlement of the Nursing essay. Relation detail scenes or sequences in your explanations. * State your theory touching the mise en scène, including * How the elements composition simultaneously. * How congruent the intent elements are delay the Nursing essay of the movie. * Whether or not other techniques would be as operative (Explain your forced). * Note: Remember that a Nursing essay is an overarching fancy that recurs throughout the concoct of a film. It is the distilled entity of what the film is encircling, the main intent which the biased scenes and actions transfer a viewer to conceive. * Your Nursing essay should be arranged about a discourse proposition that focuses on how the elements of your separated feature-tediousness film twain settle and conduct one of its senior Nursing essays. * The Nursing essay must be 800 to 1200 suffrage in tediousness and formatted according to APA diction  * You must use at meanest two skilled sources other than the quotationbook to maintenance your claims. Cite your sources (including the feature-tediousness film) delayin the quotation of your Nursing essay and on the relation page.