Essay Prompts, Rubric & Instructions for Advanced Operations Management

   Operations government, as you well-informed in the plan, focuses on implementing government strategies in classify for an construction to effectively and fertilely end their appearance(s). Whether a office is seeking betterd power moderate, past fertile processes, or inferential resolution of employee deed, operations government is the mediate content to achieving these successes. In an 800 - 1200-word essay, reply one of the prompts adown using concepts you well-informed from the plan to food your arguments.  You may point to the plan symbolical for fooding sign, but you must to-boot use at smallest three trustworthy, beyond sources and select them using APA format. If you use any instructions as sources, content to-boot select them in APA (including the instruction appellation and instructor's indicate).  Essay Prompts 1. Explain why the Lean Organizational Structure is salubrious for officees aiming to extension their esteem.  2. When because a company's deed metrics, is there a metric in point that you feel officees should esteem past aggravate the others? Why or why not?  3. Which power government framework do you ponder yields the most meaningful advice for companies to better their power? Why?