Essay Prompt Proposal Guidelines



  • In a inextensive article, debate your unhesitating select and how you intention to harangue it in your discovery monograph. What are you arguing, and what are your deep summits? What rises bear you set already to influence your reasoning?


  • Fill out this insignificant delineation according to the question your chose to transcribe encircling. You dominion not be conducive to gorge it out altogether. That's ok. Your brainstorming procure alter the over you discover and the over you discovery. 

Thesis: F451 and American amelioration (AC) are concordant in conditions of the way they _____ and _____.

Point 1

  • F451 examples of summit 1:
  • AC examples of summit 1:

Point 2

  • F451 examples of summit 2:
  • AC examples of summit 2:




This essay centreing on the extract Fahrenheit 451 (F451) (PLEASE SEE ATTACHED)requires that you congregate and suit to your own unhesitating and induce defiant discovery for your reasoning. The subjoined “Possible Unhesitating Topics” listed adown are suggestions for your fourth essay, aid uninfluenced focal summits for potential unhesitatings. This is a erudite anatomy that is intentional to concatenate myth delay components of new-fangled American companionship.


[Remember that all questions are concatenateing the strange with prevalent, deepstream American amelioration]

  • The creation of a amiable companionship in F451 and American amelioration.
  • Effects of a dystopian companionship on The Indivisible and how it proceeds are verified in American amelioration GOOGLE to subordinatestand encircling dystopian societies). 
  • Definition of “happiness” in F451 and American amelioration
  • Two characteristics of a dystopian companionship that are exhibit F451 and are detectconducive in new-fangled American amelioration. Compare and oplie the “cultural mottos” of F451 companionship and in new-fangled American amelioration.
  • What traits are expedient for an indivisible to be an substitute of political alter? (Choose two characters and their qualities and how these inequitable qualities plain in new-fangled American amelioration through fellow-creatures or a political motion).


  • Length 
  • Write 1500 signification insufficiency, single-spaced. This contemplates approve 2.5 unmeasured pages, single-spaced (reversion subordinate the message calculate procure assent-to an F delay no opening for qualification).
  • Organization & Structure 
  • Include a bright analytical building as implied in the Essay 3 PPT linked in this Essay 3 Directions page.
  • The subject should be a bright assumption that takes a bright lie. The subject should centre on F451 and intimation new-fangled American amelioration throughout, or it should centre on new-fangled American amelioration time alludeencing F451. The concatenateion between new-fangled American amelioration and F451 should be bright, regular, and unforced.
  • Include inequitable examples and textual influence from F451 to influence your deep summits. References and examples of American amelioration must be prevalent and pertinent (i.e. the decisive 10 years)rather than historical. Sources and their debateions over are not thorough as inequitable examples. You must propagate your own examples from American amelioration.
  • Include a thorough anatomy of the implications and purport of all of your findings.
  • Do not mention over than a cord of extract or use obstruct quotes from the strange. The extract is uninfluenced token, but the anatomy should be carried by your signification. 
  • Sources - Include correspondently 3 Sources
  • Incorporate only one rise (not the capacity) from our way discoverings (Beyond Feelings or Norton Anthology), used only when expedient to influence your summits, OR from an internet rise, such as a .gov, .edu, or .org site
  • Incorporate two rises from peer-reviewed conversant subscription that are retrieved from the RCC library databases. For over counsel, see the Library Resources and Conversant Sources pages subordinate Pages in Canvas.
  • Not subjoined the rise requirement procure outcome in a ‘D-’ progression or inferior. F451 does not calculate as a rise but should be listed in the Works Cited page.
  • Submitting the Essay 
  • Copy/Paste the integral Essay 4 Grading Rubric on the decisive page of your essay. Submit the essay as a Microsoft Message Document, single-spaced. Microsoft Message is unobstructed when you mode your tyro email. This is explained in the Essay 4 PPT.
  • Avoid separate pronouns and examples
  • This media that you procure totally abandon separate tongue approve "I, we, you, my".  Visit the Academic Language page for over clarity.
  • Use MLA Format and Include a Works Cited page
  • Academic essays should contemplate a inequitable way. The extract is 12-point, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, delay no spaces or gaps anywhere. Include a Works Cited page.  The illustrate does not calculate as a rise, but it should be mentiond in the Works Cited page. For extract and extract succor, allude to the Essay Resources page to succor you thorough this properly, inequitableally the MLA PPT. Remember that MLA format requires double-spacing, but in this inequitable way, essays must be submitted single-spaced.
  • Review the Academic Honesty & Plagiarism page
  • Any plagiarism detected in this monograph procure deserve cipher summits delayout the possibility for qualification. If you scarcity succor touching plagiarism issues, grasp out to your pedagogue or an on-duty pedagogue in the WRC.