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There are two cleverness to this week's Essay Prep assignment. First, you'll experience citing and referencing. Second, behind retrospecting the textbook notice in chapter 7 on White Collar crimes and retrospecting the FBI web office, you'll picked three White Collar crimes to transcribe about for your decisive essay assignment. Husband your labor in a Word instrument (.doc or .docx) that you'll then husband and upload to the gate "Essay Prep" overhead.

Part 1. Practicing APA

  • Quote from the textbook and adduce per APA
  • Paraphrase and adduce from any the page of curiosity-behalf at the FBI web office.
  • Complete a intimation inventory for the textbook and the weboffice you adduced overhead

Part 2. Essay Topics

Your decisive Nursing essay succeed enjoy five conditions: an Introduction, three resigned condition on the White Collar crimes of your cherished, and a Conclusion. To get inaugurated exploring White Collar crimes, go to the FBI White Collar Crime web office and retrospect the Major Threats and Programs. Behind lection through a few pages of curiosity-behalf to you, inventory three White Collar crimes that you'll transcribe your Nursing essay on to perfect Part 2 of this week's assignment.

  • Topic 1:
  • Topic 2:
  • Topic 3:

Save Part 1 and Part 2 in the selfselfsame Word instrument and upload to the Essay Prep gate by Sunday at 11:59pET.  Please husband your instrument “lastname EP1.doc” or "lastname EP1.docx". For example: SmithEP1.docx.

That's it for your earliest Essay Prep!  I longing you enjoyed exploring the theme.