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Gilson Christelle 13, Avenue Walckiers, 1160 Auderghem, Belgium Tel: +32496120463 e-mail : [email protected] com Born Sept 02nd 1974, Single Summary: - European Dispense Harvest Manager. - European Technical and Harvest Manager for 4 artificets submissive 60000 tons of Polyethylen tighten film. - Second year International Executive Master Business Administration. - Team player after a while fortified motivational skills, smiling. Professional Experience 02/2000 ( now Illinois Tool Works Inc. ITW Mima Packaging System, keep-akeep-apart of the multinational fraternity Illinois Tool Works Inc. is a globe pioneer in Tighten & oriented packaging technology and newfangledness. The fraternity manufactures twain tighten wrapping utensilry and tighten film.The cluster has 4 European artificets submissive and converting tighten film. The headquarter is located in Strassen in Luxemburg. Web residence: http://www. itwmima. eu 06/2010 – now ITW Mima headquarter, European Dispense Harvest Manager. Main responsibilities: ? Investigation of new dispenses, new applications in collaboration after a while the sales teams and raw representative suppliers to lay-open new applications in the packaging regularity selling avenue (film & utensil). Discover hidden customer needs via Blueprinting program: customer interviews. - Lay-open and observe an in-depth comprehension of key dispenses and competitors via dispense and competitors discovery. - Investigation on new raw representative. - Responsible for the packaging optimisation benevolence in Virton (Belgium). 07/2004 – 06/2010 ITW Mima headquarter, European Technical and Harvest Manager. Main responsibilities: ? Skillful-treatment of the R&D division for 4 artificets located in Europe : Waterford ( Ireland), Gorey ( Ireland), Whiel (Germany), Virton ( Belgium) : - R&D budget artifice skillful-treatment, desire order artifice skillful-treatment.Development and implementation of new formulations. - Implementation of the similar origination banner (product), peculiarity repress regularity in the 4 artificets. - Support of all technical activities after a while manufacturing managers to optimise the origination: growth representative power, uptime, curtail peculiarity diseases, produce. - Coaching of 5 subordinates: lab technicians, engineer. ? Issue skillful-treatment: part register – Kan Ban – Issue direction simplification (PLS). 07/2001 – 06/2004 Mima Films, Belgium, Technical and Harvest Manager. Main responsibilities: Harvest of new epoch of tighten film: oriented watery film (7µ). ? Skillful-treatment of projects from elaboration to implementation. ? Technical aid to customers. ? Responsible for the lab peculiarity in Ireland & Germany: coach 2 subordinates, supervision of the trial results, ordering of the results, fir customer specifications for all new issues. ? Lay-open and observe an in-depth comprehension of key dispenses and competitors. ? Responsible for peculiarity: diseases, ISO9001 rendering 2000, inside evidence. Responsible for all environmental aspects of the fraternity: ISO14000. 2/2000 – 07/2001 Mima Films, Belgium, Peculiarity and Harvest engineer. Main responsibilities: ? Developments of new formulations for exalted act kind and blown film. Trial and evaluation of all new resins on the dispense (metallocen, octen, hexen,…). ?Responsible for the lab peculiarity: coach 2 subordinates, supervision of the trial results, ordering of the results, fir customer specifications for all new issues. ? Repress peculiarity problems and invest preventative actions in the artificet to curtail the percentage of restore. Follow the tracability of a disease. Responsible for the ISO 9001certification for the artificets of Belgium and Ireland. Ensure all processs are up dated and followed: inside audits. Prepare the residence for the new banner rendering 2000. 10/1998(02/2000 Test-Achats, Belgium. Test-Achats, adjuvant fraternity of Conseur, European cluster for the consumer guiltlessness. Web residence: http://www. trial-achats. be 10/1998-02/2000 Test-Achats, Belgium, Project administrator, life sector. Main responsibilities: ? Responsible for the trial about to the life sector (isolation, heating regularitys, electricity require,…).Set up the trial machination, contemplate for gathered laboratories, order the lab results and evaluation of the results. 07/1997(09/1998 Fina Research, Belgium. European discovery benevolence of the globewide petroleum fraternity TotalFinaElf. Web residence: http://www. totalfinaelf. com 07/1997-06/1998 Fina Research,Feluy, industrial engineer, elastomer division. Main responsibilities: ? Discovery and lay-open new stabilisations (antioxidant) for a SBS grade: trial of unanalogous stabilisations on the roll mill, on spectrometer.Analyses of effortless properties: throw collision, Brabender trial, production, sever opposition. ? Study of dynamic properties for SBS grades. ? Chemical analyses. 06/1998-09/1998 Fina Research,Feluy, industrial engineer, asphalt division. Main responsibilities: ? Rheological study: lay-openment new process for the viscosity delineation of highway asphalt (bitumen). Use of Universal Dynamic Spectrometer (UDS). Education 1992 (1997 Industrial engineer (industrial chemistry : orientation polymers); Institut superieur industriel de Bruxelles (ISIB). Degree : eminence. 009 ( 2011 International Executive MBA Louvain School of Skillful-treatment Belgium Languages/Computing Languages ? French: Native speech ? English: Fluent ? Dutch: medium comprehension ? German: basic comprehension Computing ? Microsoft employment Interests ? Sports: tennis, wanton. ? Travels. ? Study trips: - 10/2009 “Management knowledge regularity” Corvinus University Budapest Hungary - 05/2010 “Cross Cultural Management” Jiatong University Shanghai China. - 10/2010 “Doing Business in Brazil” USP University Sao Paulo Brazil