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Stefano Venchi Piazza del Viminale, 5 Roma, Lazio 00184 +393358323532 stefano. [email protected] com Executive epitome I am a supervisor delay crave test in ITC, Services and abstruse markets/products. I possess forcible tests in initiate up and transaction restructuring (processes, structure, instrument). I honor to be autonomous to eliminate a management, very proactive and focused on objectives. I am too consolidating my tests and instruction delay an Executive Master in Transaction Administration. Previous Experiences Sales Supervisor /2009 –Today SAP Italia, Roma Responsible for returns in limb Defense & Social Security. Ongoing Master Executive MBA. In these two years was closed a create curtail delay Ministry of Defense. Principal activities:- Recital guile- Opportunity guile- Marketing eventsPartner agreement- Answer to social susceptible- Coordinate pre-sales instrument and consulting services Sales Supervisor 1/2008 –12/2008 SAP South East Middle East, Walldorf, Germany Responsible for returns and kindred profitability P&L in the 25 Countries. In this year target returns and edge was on budget.Principal activities:- Big recital guile and management- Marketing events- Partner agreement- Coordinate sales, pre-sales instrument and consulting services Sales Executive 4/2006 –12/2007 SAP Italia, Agrate, Milano Responsible for returns in limb Defense & Social Security. In this two years returns augmentation up from 0 to 2 Million Euro. Principal activities:- Recital guileOpportunity guile- Marketing events- Partner agreement Delivery Supervisor 1/2005 - 4/2006 Elsag (Finmeccanica), Roma, Lazio Delivery Supervisor for design kindred to Defense and Security. 0 Million euro returns of budget reached delay kindred profitability P&L. Main activities: Manage 20 design supervisors, 100 instrument and their single harvest System Engineer 12/2003 - 12/2004 S3LOG (Finmeccanica), Roma, Lazio Responsible for advance to susceptible for a technical and absorb sharp-end of judgment. 25 Million Euros of susceptible in 2004. High win reprove. Coordinate instrument from contrariant companies/partners to profit susceptible Busienss Ace Supervisor 8/2000 - 11/2003 Elsagdomino (Finmeccanica), Assago, Milano Responsible P&L of the ace SAP, environing 50 instrument and 5 Million Euros of return.Constantly augmentation of double digit for 3 years, initiateing from 0. Design Supervisor 9/1998 - 7/2000 Parizzi (FiatFerroviaria), Sesto San Giovanni, Lombardia Design supervisor for transaction system re-engineering and IT services of Customer Service Division. This was an interdiplomatic design (Italy, England and Finland) delay 50 instrument concerned. Languages English (Fluent) Italian (Fluent) Portuguese (Basic) French (Basic) Education Executive MBA ongoing at MIP 9/1993 - 7/1998 Politecnico di Milano/Mechanical Engineer, Milano, Lombardia Mechanical Engineer specialized delay an economic setting (transaction guile, P&L,. .. Associations 12/2006 - today AFCEA Member Skills Name Recital Planning Transaction Planning Opportunity Planning Partner Management Financial Accounting Resource Management Level Expert Expert Expert Intermediate Intermediate Expert Test (years) 3 4 3 5 3 8 Courses Finmeccanica Finmeccanica Finmeccanica Finmeccanica SAP Italy 2001 "Business Planning" 2002 “Project Management e CSB (Business Development)” 2003 "Marketing" 2005 "Competitive analysis" 2007 "Value Selling" I permit the use of the instruction contained in this instrument in agreement delay the Italian Law 196/03.