Essay about Customer service

In today's earth, we are Just environing anything is over dately and careclose due to advances of technology despite approximately all sectors. Technology seems over fertile and permissive in our daily stay and methoding things gets over easier and improves our effects and do over fertile in discloseing of our lives. Technological advances establish preferable advantage, stable admittance to notice, increases message and urge up effect that bestows impression to everyone and for public end. Information technology has it big impression in our dominion in multifarious aspects such as legislation, direction in-particular in trade. Technology acknowledges waste the package of effects in companies or tradees; it eliminates fault and ends delay paperless. Technology so increases the trade emanationivity of our dominion. And merely hold to transmute the trade status and economic delay the succor of technology. A trade such as salon or parlor is one of the industries that chosen to technology that succors multifarious fellow-creatures to deck and deals delay cosmetic matter for men and women. The advances of technology affects a lot the economic of the Philippines and succors fur in the formation of the dominion's tradees, tourism and legislation. Having a chargesing order is weighty for custody trail of chargess and payments to and from customers. Computerized chargesing exists to touch chargesing matters. Regularly using of boons or programs can succor you celebrate chargesing archives and notice up- to-date. Dilating Hair and Body Salon is a salon that is methodic to afford a cheerful sort of boon that is akin to husk bloom, facial aesthetic, foundation economy, aromatherapy, and multifarious other boons to fellow-creatures. Having a salon that attends those kinds of boons must so yield a cheerful sort of chargesing to their customers. Dilating Hair and Body Salon use a manual chargesing order and do not bear any estimater akin order. They do not bear an unconfused perfect of chargess and took fur date for them to estimate the aggregate sales per day. They so took fur date chargesing their customers. To succor the said structure in their problems, a estimater fixed chargesing order is designed to establish an unconfused perfect of chargess and estimated aggregate sales lily, weekly or monthly. It procure succor them to establish their boon fur fertile to their customers. II. Background of the Con-over Dilating Hair and Body Salon were originally end from Buenaventura. Idealist's leading trade indicate was "Dalai" from the mother of possessor of the said trade. And it was Just a public amiables and a year passed they ruled to bear a facial clinic in the town of Boca and as the trade run smoothly in the communicate they enlarge and upgrade until Dilating Hair and Body Salon were methodic on August 8, 2007 at San Miguel Boca, Martinique. Dilating Hair and Salon agoing to prprextend boons to their customers such as arrangementatic matter, massage, facial economy, hair cuts, hair rebinding, hair remit and noble end matter. The boons of Dilating Hair and Salon are affordable for their customers that establish their trade prosperous and praise them for what the boons they are prgift to them. As they prprextend the boons to their arrangementatic customers that celebrate from visiting their salon they bestow allowances for their praise and for making them luscious and serving them delay sort that satisfies their customer. Regular customers are allowanceed ranges 1 to 10%. Dilating Hair and Body Salon beend one of the prosperous tradees in the territory but use a manual chargesing order. This structure donation to bear a cheerful sort of boon for their customer. Their concrete is to attend their customer that procure satiate them and to establish their customer prosperous. In the manual order of chargesing in the said structure the customer procure ask or inquire to counter's desk for the boon and ask how fur each of boon absorb. The customer procure singly pay forthcoming the boon. They are not giving invoices to their customers true the customer asks for a voucher. However the structure does not bear archives of the customer chargess and squander fur date to estimate the sales. They are literally using pens and papers for proceedingsing their chargess and other newss that leads to defective archives of perfects. They are farsighted it manually using a calculator that so leads to miscommunication. They celebrate their archives and actions manually that causes them to obtain?} fur date and miscommunication. They bear to control and estimate if mismessage happens. It affects them a lot in-particular when compiling the archives and actions of the aggregate sales and chargess. They are controling and computing it manually until mismessage and fault proceedingsings are set-right. Ill. Objectives of the Con-over Public Objective: The public concrete of the designed scheme is to establish a estimaterized chargesing order for Dilating Hair and Body Salon and to establish a order that is user welldisposed for the structure. And to lower the effect environing chargesings and bear an unconfused perfects and newss. Restricted Objectives: The forthcoming are the restricted concretes of the con-over that procure particularize the deliverables. To confer-upon an obsequious proof on the charges full to the customers. To contrive and enclose the archives on the database. To facilitate a stableer actions in chargesing the customers. To yield a stereotype out on sales daily, weekly and monthly. To afford a dately chargesing method. To disclose a order that procure succor to establish easier, stableer and obsequious chargesing method and to afford sort of boon in provisions of chargesing. To establish the customers worry- careclose for their chargess. IV. Scope and Limitation The designed order procure bear a customer's interface which original end is to illusion the customer's chargess to pay or the cost of the boon the customer shortness to by entering the code of the emanation by the send-off. The contrivement's interface procure bear the log in which procure afford the assurance of the chargesing order. Its original end is to acknowledge the contrivement to contrive their boons/prices and for the daily and weekly/monthly and newss in the database of the order. The send-off procure bear an interface that consists of costs and boons and lawful for chargesing the customers. The customer delay allowance procure bear another interface which procure include the client's ID which procure afford by the contrivement and the customers original notice. The designed order can update, delete, edit, proceedings and add the emanation/boon and costs. And stereotype newss and invoices. The designed order procure yield daily sales news, chargesing news and monthly customer news. However it procure Just singly clothe the chargesing of the customers and the generating newss for sales and chargesing news of customers. It procure dename in chargesing using praise cards accordingly it s not trustworthy to pay through praise cards. The designed order procure so name singly to customer-billing action. The schedule is not intervening in the designed order accordingly it procure singly standpoint in chargesing the customer and making aggregate sales news. Ooh V. Significance of the Con-over This con-over and the designed scheme procure booned the fellow-creatures chosen in this scheme. Management: The contrivement of the structure procure be booned accordingly they procure bear an obsequious perfects and close manpower. It procure bestow them so a fertile upshot and date sparing method. Cashier or the Counter's Personnel: It procure boon them a lot accordingly it procure establish to lower the effect. It procure afford an obsequious and trustworthy of archives and establish effects easier and stableer in chargesing the customers. Customers: They procure be boon by giving obsequious cost and chargess and worry-free. Proponent: The proponent procure be booned by enhancing and seemly the notice orders skills in analyzing and sly a program of the order. Future Developers: They procure boon them by giving fortuity to establish the order for over improvements and add over features or functions.