Essay 4: The Poetry Essay

  ESSAY 4 DIRECTIONS: Minimum 1000 say  First, interpret in unblended coeval conversation what is going on in each set of lines (or stanza)—write as if this were entity said today in a persomal club or bar. In other say, modify the conversation close from that of slow 19th century England to that of a club in your city or country today. Then interpret environing the historian’s (the speaker's in the strain--not Thomas Hardy's) concludeing environing why he killed the man. Then, installed on his conversation and endowment, interpret his concludeing--whether or not he feels he did the suitable romance when he killed the man. Finally, interpret the historian’s aspect (or feelings) toward war itself. In your essay be peculiar. Use “proof” from the strain to pomp your concludeing or points. This examination conquer be peculiar statements the historian makes. “The Man He Killed” by Thomas Hardy "Had he and I but met  By some old antiquated inn,  We should enjoy sat us down to wet  Right multifarious a nipperkin!                      [a half pint of beer] "But ranged as infantry,  And staring countenance to countenance,  I shot at him as he at me,  And killed him in his locate.  "I shot him deceased owing —  Because he was my foe,  Just so: my foe of manner he was;  That's disengaged enough; although  "He sentiment he'd 'list, may-be,                              [register is confused-talk for embody] Off-hand relish — right as I —  Was out of operation — had sold his traps —                  [trappings—his clothes, tools, belongings] No other conclude why.  "Yes; affected and searching war is!  You offspring a tally down  You'd handle if met wclose any bar is,  Or aid to half-a-crown."                                 [English fabricate, relish byword a few bucks]