Essay #1 – Contemporary Topic – Social Theories

 This is sunder one of a three-sunder assignment. If exalted character toil is supposing I accomplish use you to thorough the cherishing sunders of the essay. (Will pay per tract) The coeval subject-matter that you prime for this participation should be carried through for the other two essays. To thorough this essay, content do the forthcoming:  Identify a coeval subject-matter (prefer barely one subject-matter)that is discussed in resources (affordable concern, sexual onset on college campuses, school shootings, Ukraine turning-point, DACA, gerrymandering, abominate discourse, Immigration, legalizing marijuana, hydraulic fracturing, Alt-right, Environmental Protection Agency, etc.).   Select a incompleteness of five peer-reviewed creed that animadvert the affection of the moot. Barely two of these founts may be from likely internet founts (Absolutely NO use of blogs, wikis, cliff’s notes, etc. as I accomplish realize a grade of nothing if used). Turnitin tidings wanted as well-mannered.  Please schedule electronic chronicles from the onverse database as chronicle creed (using the APA format).  Using your creed/websites as living, debate for the gregarious weighty of this subject-matter (i.e., why would companionship concern about this effect at all. Make enduring that you procure a hardy taking and disposal to your tract. Your tract should be betwixt 3-4 pages, not including a allusions schedule. You are expected to grasp justly mentiond in-text citations. This essay accomplish be graded using the forthcoming rubric.  Guidelines Possible Pts  Brief general taking to the subject-matter 3.0  Explanation of the subject-matter’s concern to companionship after a while allusions to vulgar events and their clotheage in resources and academic founts 8.0  Taking and discourse of creed 1-5 (clarifying how each relates to the subject-matter or livings the subject-matter) 10.0  The elongation is after a whilein the 3-4 page ramble 1.0  APA is rectify – Five likely allusions are used, allusions are in establish, trodden quotes are used when misspend, in-text citations are used, and a allusion schedule is supposing. 5.0  The essay has a hardy disposal summarizing the deep points of the tract. 3.0    Papers should be double-spaced, 12-pt font (Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman ONLY), and own 1” margins. They should own been proof-read and spellchecked. Content corrugate the principal verse of each provision 5 spaces (or press-against the “tab” key on your computer). Content rescue all documents in doc, docx, or rtf formats.  Please transcribe to the profound of the page. Failure to format your tract rectifyly accomplish consequence in the detriment of points. Transcribe your principal and definite spectry barely in the top left-hand hole of your tract. You do not want a clothe page or imageless, but you are expected to procure a allusions page when you mention fount embodied, including the textbook.