Esmartlog roi tracking | Human Resource Management homework help

  1. You must own exhaustived the Virtual Lab registration, accepted your Redemption Number from your schoolmaster and downloaded the vlabWorkspace application from your Week 1 Lab Activity - Lab Sign Up for the AHIMA Virtual Lab.

    If you own not, STOP HERE and exhaustive the Week 1 Lab Activity - Lab Sign Up for the AHIMA Virtual Lab anteriorly tender ready.

  2. After logging into the Vlab, scroll down to the CIOX Health ROI - eSmartlog marker.

    *NOTE: When logging into eSmartlog, you must use Internet Explorer. The method accomplish not character to afford you to exhaustive your eSmartlog assignments consistent you are in Internet Explorer.

  3. Under Activities plant subordinate the CIOX Health ROI marker, click on #2 Tracking Release of Information Requests. This is your lab assignment for this module.
  4. There are merely 8 questions in the Assessment. You may catch the toll twice if you enjoy but apprehend that your Toll reckonings accomplish be averaged for your mode assignment reckoning. Examples supervene.
    • If you catch merely one Toll and the reckoning is a 70%, then your mode assignment reckoning accomplish be 70%.
    • If you catch two Assessments and the reckonings are 70% and 100%, then the two reckonings accomplish be averaged resulting in a mode assignment reckoning of 85%. 

After you exhaustive the Assessment(s), catch a curtain shot of your reckoning and paste it into a Word Document. Save the Word instrument for yielding. Submit your exhaustived assignment to the faint box beneath.