ERD diagram assignment

  The sight of the projects throughout this semester is to tool a “prototype” database rule impression for a eCommerce collective-netlabor rule spectryd UCOnline where users can test instruction environing sizes/music/software, admonish your lapse, fulfill lapse appraisement and see ratings of their friends. Below you conciliate invent the ERD deliverable requirements.  BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS ACROSS ALL ASSIGNMENTS You conciliate labor after a while size/music/media instruction, user instruction, ratings of sizes, and users’ collective network Each size has an id, designation, divulgation bound, publisher, ISBN, composeritative sort, page calculate, appraisement (publisher), and product description There are 3 categories of size: creation, non-fiction, and specialty There are 2 categories of voice: digital and media-based An composer can transcribe one or past sizes. A bard can be a solo professor, separeprimand of a assemblage, or both An composer can too be associated after a while one or past publishers. A bard/group/act can be associated after a while one or past voice houses An composer’s size can feel one or past editions. A strain and or album can feel past than one version/edition (i.e. EP, LP, CD, DVD etc) A publisher can feel sundry composers and sundry sizes. A annals assembly can feel sundry professors associated and sundry albums associated after a while it.  A annals assembly can too be the publishing assembly (i.e. self-publishing) Many ISBNs can too be associated after a while a attached publisher but barely one ISBN per conceive of medium (ie the ISBN is the PK no substance what). An composer can transcribe sundry sizes. An professor can transcribe sundry strains, albums etc. UCOnline needs to haunt trail of user ratings for each part sold in the online supply (e.g., 1-5 and 1 for ‘Dislike’, to 5, for ‘Awesome!’). A separateicular user admonishs a separateicular part at a attached interval. A user CANNOT admonish the identical multiple intervals normal there are multiple editions of the part. Each edition can be admonishd individually. Each user who submits a rating conciliate be signed by a rare id and has a spectry, gender, age, and colonization. Nothing is unauthenticated. There is too a collective netlabor between users. Users can transmit despatch demands (i.e. flash messages/emails) to other users. Such demands can be veritable or ignored. Once veritable, the two users are considered ‘size buddies.’ If ignored, the user can transmit the demand repeatedly. We failure to add a supply when the demands were sent (timestamp), the product of the demands and when the demand was answered (timestamp).