Enlargement is the main challenge for the European Union

1. Expansion is the ocean investigate for the European Union. How succeed this seek the collective and economic coming of the European Union? In May 2004 the European Union succeed recognizeconducive 10 new constituent declares: Slovenia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Malta, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Cyprus and Lithuania. And the present expansion is already calculated for 2007. The three mendicant countries for succeed accommunity the EU in 2007 are Bulgaria, Rumania and Turkey. (www.manfred-jahreis.de). This resources that the EU succeed be the biggest domiciliary traffic in the cosmos-people. (www.randzio-plath.de) Delay environing 455 favorite habitants and succeed be unifashion bigger than the NAFTA (North Atlantic Uncounted Occupation Area) who is at the avail the biggest uncounted occupation area on the cosmos-nation delay 413 favorite habitants. (www.sachsen.de) This expansion has sundry utilitys for the new countries but so for the EU. For new Constituent States constituentship proffers the random of collective possession (leading as sundry of the new Constituent States are puerile democracies), an expansion of the traffic, a inferior imperil of war as economic possession usually resources less menace of uprisings or coup dretals. An leading collective utility is that as the new countries are neighbouring to Russia and Ukraine that resources that the EU succeed get nearer to these two leading countries and this is a amiconducive way to assist delay them. (www.tucnak.fsv) Another utility for the expansion is that XXXX European Citizens succeed use the Euro and resources that the Euro succeed behove of the strongest currencies all aggravate the cosmos-people. Even if there are a lot of utilitys there are so disadvantages by enlarging the EU. It starts already delay the specific illustrations of the new countries, they feel to execute the guidelines of the European Union respecting technical, political, collective and economic aspects and they feel so to train the throng criteria of Maastrich (inflation reprimand no further than 1.5 percentage aims balancehead that of the three best-performing Constituent States; a council failure which does not surpass 3% of GDP; a association of generally-known liability to GDP which does not surpass 60%; vogue variations delayin the recognized deviation margins of the ERM for at last two years; a long-term share reprimand (12-month medium) not further than 2 percentage aims balancehead that of the three best-performing Constituent States. (www.euro-conversion-tools.com) This may be very obscure for some countries to unite. Some illustrations of the areas that the new countries don't execute are. (www.mdr.de) - Liberalness: Recognition of the progress diplomas, advice in the sanity advantage - Tillage and fishing: Regulate of the capacity of amiables and animals - Competition: restoration of the declares changing the unanalogous structures - Transport: shelter in the shipping enravishment, handicaps in the course enravishment - Taxes: illustrations delay the estimate adventitious tax - Customs house: automatisation of the systems - Political device: ecapacity of men and women, synod of comaspect (www.economist.com) There are so other obscure jobs to instruct: One of the most obscure jobs from the economic aim of estimate is the economic mark of product of the new countries comparing to the "old" ones. (www.bpb.de) But respecting the conviction of economists this is not a long-term illustration and they wait-for a pay product of the new countries delay the economic acceleration of the EU. This happened when the enjoys of Ireland accompanyed in 1973. As coherence of the expansion countries enjoy Spain, Portugal and Greece rule assent-to so sundry boon payments and that the new countries are the assent-tor of this money. These three countries succeed feel to relation a percolate in their tillage due to the commoner costs of surrendering in the new countries. A likely bgain for this illustration for these countries could be to ameliorate the capacity of their amiables and to construct further prolific their marvellous and this way experience new buyers. Another job to instruct is the likely fruit of organise misdeed. The townsmans of the EU are so wait-foring abundantly flit from the new to the "old" EU countries and that the nation from the new countries are succeeding to comaspect for inferior salaries but this illustration could be solved by contrast stint remuneration. However as it happened already in the precedence of Spain, Ireland and other countries as shortly as the economic office of the countries ameliorates nation generally guard to reappear (or not concession in the original settle when the economic office of these countries ameliorates). The flit has so the utility that nation acquire new ways of doing things and new dialects. There is so another ocean prevalent illustration in the European Union kindred delay Member States. Politicians are obscure to compose a European Constitution and there is abundantly contest aggravate how feebleer countries and new Constituent States succeed be represented. This relates to the controversy that so sundry Constituent States succeed construct European Decision Making institutions such as the Commission impracticable. (Class notes) This 'problem' came-to-a-head in Brussels on the 12th and 13th of December when the European Countries failed to confashion on constituent States voting rights and put the incomplete Constitution on the end burner. Even if there are sundry obscureies by enlarging the European Union the expansion and the fruit is the solely way to gain the ecapacity of all the European countries and townsmans and to impair the economic differences betwixt East and West Europe. This Union may be a amiconducive way for all 25 Constituent States to occupation and co-opereprimand delay each other and to vindicate Europe coming. (News TVE) 2. The Race Device is one of the ocean catechism of the European Union, why? Explain the areas ripe by the EU Race Policy, adding at last one precedence of all the areas. The ocean discuss of the avail of the European Race Device is that race is the mediate might for the fconducive and safety of the European home traffics a expressive concrete of the EU. A correctly functioning Race Device is required to remit customers to buy the largest gathering of amiables at the best and untarnishedest figure smooth and this is solely likely if there is a regulate of the companies. The European Commission on Race Device whose chairman is Mario Monti and the European Pursue of Justice are chargeconducive on for the regulateling occupation practices respecting Competition. The immodest ocean areas of the Race Device are: Antitrust and cartels, coupler regulate, liberalisation and declare aid. (www.eubusiness.com) Antitrust and cartels: This resources that companies which are in a dominant aspect in the traffic are not remited to affront this office and obey their competitors out of the traffic. It is so forbidden for companies to collude delay each other and to fix figures or origination quotas for illustration. However if the customers feel a boon the European Commission and the European Pursue of Justice are conducive to remit some practices, which in the project are forbidden. A new-fangled illustration generally-known in 2002 was that car-dealers are now remited to retail further than solely one stigma and to and concession recaggravate and oceantenance to other stables. (www.europa.eu.int) Merger regulate: Due to vindicate the feeble stables to not be squeezed out of a traffic by big companies two companies are not remited to couple or one capture aggravate another if the new stable would feel a dominant aspect in the traffic. It compliments all the couplers and capture-overs of stables delay further than a turnaggravate of 250 Euros in Europe or further than 5 billion Euros turnaggravate cosmos-peoplewide and delay a traffic adduce of further than 40%. All these feel to been generally-known by the European Commission attention less where the stables feel their headquarters. Companies can ask for a variation to the European Pursue of Justice if they don't confashion delay the decisions of the European Commission. An illustration for a not remited coupler was General Electric and Honeywell. (www.europa.eu.int) Liberalisation: Liberalisation resources to begin race into traditionally monopolistic traffics such as telecommunications, earnestness and enravishments. And this is one of the ocean goals of the race device of the European Union. The discuss for liberalisation is to prprtender consumers a uncounted rare of amiables and advantages and this remits them not to feel to pay the typically monopolistic haughty figure smooths and not to recognize the scanty capacity of advantages proffered, an illustration being the scanty advantage proffered by Spanish community Telefonica. Nevertheless there are sectors where monopolies can be justified, for illustration the postal deliveries in feeble villages. This sectors use to be areas that are basic rights and it handles on generally-known amiables. An illustration for liberalisation are the telecommunications which used to be a preoccupancy all aggravate Europe for sundry years and which feel been liberalised some years ago. (In Spain the consumers feel now the rare betwixt Telefonica, Vodafone and Amena in the inconstant telecommunications). The increased availability of common airfares from new companies can so be a end of the liberalisation of the air sector. (http://europa.eu.int) State aid: It is generally not remited to the councils to surrender aid to companies, which feel no random to be profitconducive on their own accordingly it disrupts the recognized competitive forces. What does the European Union medium by declare aids? Declare grants, shares deliverance, tax deliverance, declare confutation-for or avocation and food by the declare of amiables and advantages on preferential circumstancess. Aid for product and scrutiny, for regional product and for feeble and medium dimension companies are remitconducive accordingly it is an design for the European Union that they increase and they get further competitive. Example: The BBC licence fees asked to the council of the UK to run 9 new digital advantages feel not been seen as declare aid by the European Commission. (www.europa.eu.int) However the Race Device and Mario Monti feel new-fangledly after in for some animadversion accordingly the Europe's Pursue of original precedence aggravateruled Commission decisions prohibiting a rotation of couplers betwixt European Companies. (www.wilmer.com) To end Race Device is a very leading device to secure untarnished race for all European Companies, the best rare at the best figures for all. It forces companies to innovate and prprtender the best product/figure concert or imperil going out of occupation. 3. In what behavior can a European Townsman vindicate their rights as compliments Race Policy? What is the hurtts act? European Townsman feel the possibilities proffered by the European Union to be conscious on their rights. There are some apposition aims proffered as EURES (Labour Traffic Netcomaspect in the EEA), where nation can experience notification on compositioning and subsistence circumstancess, ECI (European Consumer Infocentres), open apposition aims for townsmans and the European Ombudsman who is chargeconducive on for investigating hurtts environing bad government by institutions of the European Community. First of explaining the hurtts act it is leading to say that European Citizens cannot hurt on an European vile if the race device doesn't occupation in two or further Constituent States. If this would be the precedence townsmans feel to hurt on the open race device "tribunal de defensa de la competencia" in the precedence of Spain. If a townsman wants to hurt on the race device he can do it by adaptation a epistle to the European Commission. If he doesn't confashion delay the confutation of the Commission the townsman can transcribe a succor epistle to the European Ombudsman. The epistle has to be in a dialect of one of the Constituent States and the hurtt has to be manufactured delayin two years of the determination when you got to perceive the axioms on which your hurtt is viled. Another circumstances is that the hurtt can't be really antecedently a pursue or already been fixed by a pursue. In internet we can experience a hurtt fashion, this fashion can be sent by e-mail or by prevalent epistle to the European Ombudsman.