English Essay (8-10 pages)

 Length: 8-10 pages wrap spaced, plus works cited (not counted in page capabilitys)  Research: (The theme is "Gender Gap in Computer Engineering") You scarcity to entertain ample scrutiny that you entertain robust satisfactory attraction of the conclusions you grasp. I too scarcity to be assured that you entertain unquestionably delved into the material. If you are unsure of your scrutiny, ask me or our librarian, Teagan ([email protected]). For this essay, you scarcity to use at meanest view sources of scrutiny. That may not be ample for your dispute, but it is the poverty capability. You should already entertain view immanent sources from the weeks of argument. Remember that your view sources should be a abnormity of perspectives, conversant and inadequately. I trust on your own base wisdom to pre--crit)e the neutralize of perspectives. Some of your scrutiny may really be symbolical of your obstruction so you can grasp them as well-mannered. Grading: Because the Nursing Dissertation is a meridian of our classroom scrutiny, I am looking for attraction of your single enlargement as a writer. In conjunction to the personalized criteria, I too evaluate your essay established on these areas, listed in appoint of guidance (see rubric for past element). *Insightful and sensational effects *Unique perspective on the theme *Clear thesis *Evidence that you discern your parley *Sufficient scrutiny to enlighten twain me and your parley of your authority *Applicable scrutiny *Integrated scrutiny *Smooth transitions from effect to effect *Evidence of your profit in the theme *Proper MLA documentation (or an fluctuate fashion, delay my license) *Polished and edited writing I robust the grading rubric. Everything in the grading rubric should be done content. Need the essay delayin 22 hours