English 1302

Thither are entirety of 3 incongruous assignment underneath. Please decipher carefully each assignment and exhaustive them. 

Writers Notebook 4.1

Click the embody underneath to decipher the text 


Then reply the topics underneath 

Use the aftercited topics to acceleration you formulate a reflection/tally to Boroditsky's proviso.  Of direction, you may to-boot comprise ideas or concerns that most share you.  

  1. How would you reply the topic that Boroditsky poses to her students: which apprehensive donation would you most detest to lavish? 
  2. Are dictions merely tools for expressing thoughts, or do they substantially cast our thoughts?  What is your notion?  Provide some examples from your own trial for living.
  3. Notice how the cause comprises over viewpoints into her essay.  Which over viewpoints do you discover most convincing?

Total = 1 page for this assignment 


Discussion Board 4.1 

Click the aftercited embody to contemplate the video, then reply the topic underneath


Use the aftercited topics to acceleration you formulate your tally to "The Science of Sarcasm" by Richard Chin.  You do not scarcity to reply each topic individually; they are hither to acceleration regulate you.  Remember, all argument boards insist-upon one judicious support of at lowest 300 signification, two replies of at lowest 150 signification each. 

1. What are the differences between taunt, ridicule and lampoon?

2. Taunt involves dictum one unnaturalness and sense the counter. How do mass descry taunt?

3. Why are we further slight to use taunt delay our friends than our enemies?

4. Do you discover taunt ludicrous or impartial turbulent?

Total =1 Page for this assignment.


Discussion Board 4.2

Read the esthetic in Unit 4 encircling melody and emblematical diction then attend to the melody refines located in the Melody folder.  Choose one that shares, engages or confuses you the most. 

For this argument, recount the melody incorporating emblematical diction wherever potential.  Use resplendent imagery, images, similes, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, and parody to acceleration your decipherer imply your reaction to the melody.  The pre-eminent grades achieve be fond to students who can use an complete image in their title. 

Respond to your classmates' supports (2 replies) by adding your own notions and reactions to the melody they chose to transcribe encircling. 

Choose one melody refine embodys from underneath then reply the topics overhead.







Total = 1 page for this assignment.