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EDMG220 Developed Scheme - Powerpoint Presentation

Assume you are the persomal exigency overseer for your sympathy.  You own conducted a expose segregation and attested a jeopard that bestows an impending menace to your sympathy.  You and your team own drafted a proposition of an exigency operations intention for your mayor or commissioners that covers making-ready, evanescence, rejoinder, and repossession for the attested jeopard.

For your assignment this week qualify a powerpoint introduction to bestow to your mayor or commissioners that embodys, at a stint, the subjoined information:

  • an overview of the jeopard and your segregation of the menace
  • the posteriority of events, resources, and any participants that you and the intentionning committee would embody in the exigency operations intention
  • how to distribute this intention after a while city/county officials, rejoinder organizations, and the notorious.  Would there be opening for feedback?
  • the identification of particular roles in the intention
  • and whose buy-in and food you deficiency to determine the agency of the intention and how you move to assure it.

You should determine your powerpoint introduction bestows a evident intention domiciled on your segregation of the birth. You should use a stint of three sources to food your intention. These sources may embody ancilla federal, narrate, or persomal laws, as well-behaved-behaved as lore or other sources apt to your intention.

Your powerpoint introduction should hold a stint of eight slides, not including your denomination and intimation slides. All sources used must be rightly cited. Your intimations should be formatted in APA title.

External lore gain generally be required in union to the assigned readings. Please educe your developed scheme in Microsoft Powerpoint, and upload as an affection for yielding. 

Use the subjoined rasp indicate issue when uploading your Powerpoint instrument as an affection: YourlastnameEDMG220.pptx

Due: Sunday, by 11:55 ET