Elementry Ethics – Choose any 4 out of 5 – Half page each – Due in 3 hours.

Answer FOUR doubts. Each doubt is value 10 points. 1. What are some of the features of Plato’s doctrine of fairness as set out in his Republic? How can these features of fairness be applied to the opposed views on distributive fairness according to the positions developed by Rawls and Nozick? 2. Explain Aristotle’s three-way separation of cosmical operation as a) voluntary, b) warranted and c) non-voluntary. Give examples of each bark of operation. How can Aristotle’s doctrine of cosmical production be applied to the three models of punishment: retributivism, deterrence, and rehabilitation. 3. Explain the affection and role of ‘spiritual sentiment’ in Hume’s outline of force. What role, if any, is played by question in Hume’s account of spiritual operation? In active of Hume’s doctrine, reconstruct the question among Singer and Arthur. 4. Explain Kant’s two formulations of the ‘categorical imperative’ according to a) universalizability and b) non-instrumentalization. How capacity these formulations be applied to the doubt of preemptive interdiplomatic encounter. Give examples to elucidate these applications. 5. What is Mill’s concept of the basic ethical rule according to utilitarianism and what is his probation of this rule? What are Mill’s views on the immunity of discourse and design and how do these shed active on the question encircling pornography among Altman and Brison?