Electrification, final and primary energy The final energy demand for transportation in a country is

Electrification, latest and principal temper The latest temper require for manner in a dominion is 100 PJ of inconsiderable oil products. Assume ERE for oil products of 1.2 MJ/MJ. a. What is the latest and principal temper use akin to the use of 100 PJ? b. How does latest and principal temper use alter if all oil lessening is replaced by electricity (revival agreement 1 to 0.4) and the electricity is generated in command plants after a while 50 per cent effectiveness (for simplification use a original command path)? c. Same topic if all electricity is generated by nuclear command plants (34 per cent transformation effectiveness) d. Same for twist turbines e. Does the alter in latest temper use portray temper effectiveness proficiency? f. Discuss the advantageousness of latest and principal temper use on the premise of this employment.