Edu. 372 Journal week 5

End of Race Reflection


Take a few minutes to consider on your tests, in this race. Invent a six-to-nine PowerPoint grant for this considerion. Move liberal to use the subjoined digital tools to invent a fanciful considerion:


  • blendspace 
  • Glogster 
  • Animoto
  • Prezi 


What utterance end to spirit? Select five-to-six utterance that report to attainments theories, implications of collective and environmental factors on attainments, interactions of outgrowth and attainments, instruction strategies for suitable sundry learners, and the correlativeness of measurement, impost, and evaluation in the instruction-attainments arrangement. For each clarified promise, get a visual regrant parallel after a while a tabulation of how the promise defines the tabulate test for you. In your definite slide, get a diminutive article how obtain the conversance gained subsistence you as a forthcoming preceptor.


Book: LeFrançois, G. (2011). Psychology for instruction (11th ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


Please move liberal to ask me any questions in compliments to this assignment!