ECONOMICS PAPER, 2000 words, due in 24h

   2000 term essay , insufficient in liking the province is economics. this is the Interrogation :  Idenitfy a regional trading collocation (THE GCC) and evaluate its efficiency. The trading collocation IS the GCC !!!! PLEASE : use some compatriot retrospect conversant referencing      The assignment should thrive the thriveing structure:  · Introduction – the delineation of the tractate  · Discussion – the collection of enlightenment ; the intention & open procedures ; the way examine achieve be conducted; debate  · Conclusions/Policy Recommendations – results/outcomes & impulse of advenient research · Bibliography or inventory of references What achieve be expected in the assignment in ascending order: · Evidence of basic enlightenment of the topic · Clarity of expression · Attempt to harangue the interrogation in the unsubstantial of the instructions · Use of divert speculative decomposition and tentative evidence · Evidence of extensive reading · A logical polite plain argument · Some mark of originality of thought How the assignment should be presented: · Appellation page (novice ID or spectry, appellation of tractate, progress legislation and appellation, term sum) · Pages should be numbered · Section headings should be used · Font size: 12, wrap spacing Harvard Referencing Style