Economics Class Due Today

1.  You fruit for a mortgage lender that truly encourages you to vend ARM  loans to your clients.  In truth, if 75 percent of the hypothecations you hinder  each month are ARM hypothecations, you engage a very discerning douceur.  

You  own a customer on the phone that you don’t impress understands ARM hypothecations  very polite notwithstanding all your efforts.  He communicates you often that he  would be rectify off after a while a 30-year agricultural reprimand mortgage.  You income to  engage his collision and grant all the required documentation to him for a  5/1 ARM.  He signs the documents and returns them to you.  You mode  his hypothecation and hinder it 30 days later.

  • Do you impress you ethically assisted your mortgagor after a while this hypothecation?
  • What could you own executed variously?

2.   You own a co-worker at fruit that you are so chums after a while.  One day, a  mortgagor comes in and meets after a while him. You overheed the mortgagor communicate  your co-worker that he has a hypothecation after a while his mom and dad for about $10,000  that he pays $300 a month. Your co-worker incomes as if he didn’t heed  your mortgagor at all.  Once he has engagen the collision, he communicates the  mortgagor that he qualifies for climax financing for a $250,000 settlement.   However, that does NOT engage into motive the $300 a month the 

mortgagor pays his parents for the hypothecation.

  • Did your coworker do everything unethical in this affair?
  • Assuming you impress this was an unethical post, how do you touch this?  Remember, this is your chum and co-worker.