Evaluate the forthcoming statements using graphical partition. Provide a illiberal fact description of your graph to buttress your evaluation. Make secure the axes and curves in your graphs are uprightly labeled. 

a. True or sham, “When ask-for for abode heating oil growths, a shortage of heating oil allure take-place.” 

b. True or sham, “A reduce in the give of purposeless access perpetuation (RAM) chips for personal computers causes a shortage of RAM chips.”

 Q5: Ch 3 (10%) Appalachian Coal Mining believes that it can growth drudge productivity and, hence, net enrichment by reducing air soilure in its mines. It estimates that the final consume character for reducing soilure by installing affixed consummate equipment is MC= 70P, where P represents a contraction of one item of soilure in the mines. It to-boot feels that for perfect item of soilure contraction the final growth in enrichment (MR) is MR= 1,200 −10P. How considerable soilure contraction should Appalachian Coal Mining engage?

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