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Econ 336: Final Exam

Due May 20. 200 tops total


Your answers are expected to describe upon dispose lectures as courteous the applicconducive textbook chapters and readings. Excellent (A) answers conciliate do the subjoined:

1. Bear courteous-constructed paragraphs that constitute an evidence.

2. Use diagrams as inevitable.

3. Bear minimal use of frequented quotes, and if used cited uprightly as: originator, year.

4. Be inequitconducive encircling examples (countries, bulk, etc.)

5. Avoid “hand-waving” explanations and colloquialisms.

6. Connect contrariant readings concomitantly when required.


Please idea your answers. Use 12 top Times New Roman font, single-spaced, delay 1 inch margins. Answers to each question should not exceed half a page (single-spaced). If you bear a hand-drawn diagram, content reconnoitre or captivate a draw and bestow it delay the exam.

QUESTIONS (20 tops each)

You bear of-late been appointed Special Economic Advisor to the empire of XColonia, a fine developing empire in sub-Saharan Africa delay an annual per-capita GDP of encircling $1000. XColonia has a ample urban sector chiefly consisting of fine, race farms and a few ample plantations. The division of fix is very inadequate. The empire has a fine manufacturing sector consisting of a ample reckon of fine firms delay rudimentary technology and a few big novel firms.For the spent 10 years, XColonia has pursued an lenient ISI plan, focusing on the crop of consumer movables diligence. Currently, XColonia’s pristine ship-produces are coffee and cotton textiles, accounting for redress 80% of its ship-produce return. XColonia’s main imports are oil, pharmaceutical drugs, proprietary technology and oppressive machinery.

1. XColonia has high a plump of lenient ISI and has begun manufacturing its own consumer movables affect dress, shoes, cosmetics, toiletries etc. The Diligence Afford is arguing that it is era to switch to hard ISI to rouse reducing imports of oppressive machinery. You instead failure to discuss for lenient ship-produce adherence. How would you discuss that your policy is reclaim than hers?

2. The Drudge afford of XColonia too disapproves of the hard ISI policies entity pushed by the Diligence Afford on the facts that important intensive diligence conciliate not be conducive to captivate habit of XColonia’s unlimited edibles of drudge. Explain what the Drudge Afford media by this promise. Using the Lewis-Ranis-Fei example semblance how the industrial sector could countenance a downright drudge afford deflexion as desire as there is stealthy unemployment in the urban sector.

3. As the Special Economic Advisor, you are too interfering for radical fix reclaims. Your evidence is that if a empire has conversant a prosperous fix reclaim program, it is easier for that empire to tool ship-produce adherence policies. Elaborate on this evidence using the contrasting examples of East Asia and Latin America (discussed by Kay).

4. You too discuss that a fix reclaim program conciliate break interlinked fix, drudge and praise chaffers therebyreducing cause rates and encouragement wages in the empireside. Write a narrow still n ess explaining how fix reclaim would mature reclaim performance of the praise and drudge chaffers.

5. The Afford for Environment is entity attacked in the force for a national proposition that XColonia should not solely attention encircling crop but too encircling the environment, i.e. it is not too penniless to be green. He has asked you to equip a narrow still n ess defending his proposition.

6. Europea, an delayed industrial empire that too produces coffee for ship-produce, dumps monstrous amounts of subsidized coffee on the globe chaffer. Simultaneously, though un-relatedly, the interdiplomatic fellowship of oil manufacturers hikes the compensation of oil on the globe chaffer. Explain the affectly contact on XColonia’s redress of payments accounts?

7. To get out of the BOP contingency, the Empire of XColonia approaches the IMF for a mortgage. The mortgage is common but has unmistakable stipulations solid to it. In the IMF’s scene, XColonia’s vogue is overvalued. The IMF insists on a propel to a floating modify rate, which results in a ample devaluation of the vogue vis-à-vis the US dollar. What conciliate be the affectly contacts on XColonia’s Redress of Payments Account and apparent (dollar-denominated) default?

8. Of-late XColonia concomitant the WTO and there is now forceure to undercaptivate occupation liberalization by reducing tariffs on regulative deceptive movables that were put in settle quickly behind anarchy to save XColonia’sinfant industries. The Occupation Afford is a robust proponent of reducing these tariffs and has already briefed the President of XColonia that past all main plain countries affect the UK, USA, Germany etc. became industrialized subjoined munificent occupation policies we should do the identical. How would you contrary this evidence?

9. The IMF has too been insisting that XColonia should repropel all important controls and liberalize its financial chaffers. The Governor of the Central Bank robustly agrees delay this. Equip a narrow still n ess arguing across this plan of resuscitation descrientity upon the habit of the East Asian countries as analyzed by Stiglitz.

10. Prior to the vulgar regime future to ability in XColonia, for 20 years the empire was determined by a soldierly dictatorship that incurred ample apparent defaults. You are going to confront delay the Globe Bank and IMF officials to discuss that the give regime should not be made to recompense the old regime’s defaults. Guile upon the studies of Boyce and Ndikumana, how you would discuss these tops?