Earthworm Biodiversity in an Arid Region of Rajasthan, India

Among the befoul fauna, earthworms enjoy an influential role to better befoul treatment. The befoul treatment plays an influential role in water usurpation size. Earthworms enjoy an force to repair befoul characteristics. It contributes to the breakdown of constitutional subject and extricate insert nutrients (Edwards and Bohlen, 1996). Earthworms are so considered as profitable indicator of the soundness of befoul ecosystem (Edwards and Bohlen, 1992) as to their role in befoul fertility through fragmentation and adulterated up the befoul delay mineral mite, enhancing microbial vital-force to breakdown insert constitutional subject. The gift of earthworms in befoul turnover, composition structure and obey as a fertility repairr in incongruous way. Earthworms are profitable in fix betterment and constitutional diminish government (Edwards and Baker, 1992; Lavelle and Martin, 1992; Johnson, 1997; Villenave et al. , 1999). The dispensation and population inobservance of diverse earthworm cast enjoy been correlated delay befoul archearchetype and husbandry fix use (Haynes et al. , 2003; Sbrina et al. , 2009). The biodiversity of earthworms is influenced by corporeal, chemical and biological properties of befoul and climatic provisions of habitats. Earthworm’s biodiversity is instantly unsupposable by befoul characteristics (Edwards and Lofty, 1977). These similarity influencing factors are befoul pH, constitutional subject, nitrogen, C/N ratio, befoul dampness and befoul treatment. Biodiversity is counted as rational resources (Heywood, 1996). Recently, multifarious biologists premeditated the biodiversity and dispensation of earthworms in the incongruous calibre of the globe (Blakemore, 2000, 2002, 2003; Change and Chen, 2004,2005; Blakemore et al. ,2006; Sautter et al. , 2006; Ghafoor et al. , 2008). Present examine was performed in Bikaner bounds, which is located in Thar void of Rajasthan ranging 28. 01° N 73. 19° E. . The mean rain drop in this area is 10” to 15” merely. Therefore, climatic provisions are redundant for organisms. Most of its area is irrigated delay tube wells and Indira Gandhi canal. Due to redundant provisions from a covet date, there is tranquil a few instructure encircling biodiversity and habitats. The give examine get biblical new basic instructure for further learning on earthworms and its ecology and impression of earthworms in husbandry sector.