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  WEEK EIGHT: Mystical Philosophy and Transcendence Instructions: Read the subjoined books. If you deficiency to touch, be trusting that you accept a cheerful clasp of the kernel ideas. In restitution guard the required films that are listed exact beneath the books. After lection the required books for the week and guarding the required films, content reply to this week's essay interrogation.. ____________________________________ BOOKS FOR THIS WEEK The Unknowing Sage | Audio Version Estimated lection time: 3 hours Circle of the Wise Estimated lection time: 2 hours Extra merit (not required but recommended) Tom Blake | Audio version ______________________________________ Required Films   1. THE REMAINDER CONJECTURE 2. THE OCEANIC METAPHOR 3. SURFING IN THE CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES 4. NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES 5. THE CEREBRAL SYMPHONY 6. THE INFINITE SHUFFLE 7. THE UNKNOWABLE 8. iNNER VISIONS AND RUNNING TRAINS All films are conducive as settled caption (exact click on the CC button when guarding) ____________________________________ TWO REQUIRED ESSAY QUESTIONS: 1. Why is Faqir Chand's experiences influential in sense the phenomenal regularity of sacred visions and miracles? 2. What is meant by the turn, "philosophy performed well-mannered-mannered is science; philosophy performed diseased offscourings philosophy."   Be trusting to help your replys delay references to the required lections and films. Each reply should be at last 150 suffrage.