E marketing assignment

  Purpose To assess your interpretation for E- Marketing / Digital Marketing in an form of your cherished. Action Items: Choose any duty form of your profit and analyse it gratefully. Attempt all Questions connected to your organisation. (Note: Questions should be in the serial dispose delay references wherever is insist-upond. Besides during bestowations 12 slides should be prepared covering all the subject-matter in dispose). 1.  Prepare a trade artfulness to enlarge a new result or Services for your duty in the trade. 2.  Analyse tools and technologies to assistance the duty. 3.  What strategies are to be implemented in the trade Artfulness to harness rivalry. 4.  Project your duty by using the following: A.  Situational Anatomy (SA) a)  SWOT anatomy b)  Industry Analysis c)  Projections on trade insist. B.  Market and Cost Anatomy (MA) a)  Segmentation anatomy and policy. b)  Positioning in the tradeplace. c)  Procurement of chattels and Services d)  Major customer wages techniques, online advertising , ad serving and targeting C.  Market tools and Application( MA ) a)  Core Marketing Concepts and designate treasure chain b)  Use of Branding and video tradeing c)  E mail Marketing and Social Instrument Marketing d)  Available tools of E Commerce D.  Web-enabled Supply Chains (WEB) a)  SEO and Search engine tradeing b)  Use of Web impression for the outsourcing of logistics services c)  Cloud computing and Customer Relationship Management 5.  What liberty and limitations of electronic instrument (e tradeing as well-mannered-mannered as digital tradeing) your Duty procure enjoy in the universe of tradeing duty. Each students procure own one Project. Project procure be inveterate on the implementation of the Tools and technologies in developed universe. Project procure insist-upon summarizing, demonstrating, and the use and undeveloped treasures of E- Marketing / Digital Trade for an form. The Purpose has to be accomplishedd individually by each students. Presentation procure be conducted during the WEEK-13 so that students get spell to accomplished their purpose composition and bestow in face of all the students in the dispose. 6.  Students can besides reach trade artfulness to enlarge a new result or Services for any feature duty in the trade from KSA.