Posted: January 24th, 2023

e-business strategy

AssignmentNo. 3: Case Study on Careem

Dubai-based transportation network company, Careem, the ride-hailing king from Morocco to Pakistan, was the leading app-based car service in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). The company’s success grasped lessons for Western startups with global ambitions. The two ex-McKinsey & Company management consultants (Mudassir Sheikha & Magnus Olsson) co-founded the company and began it 2012 in the month of July by offering car bookings for everyday use for corporate through its website-based service. It was operated in more than 120 cities in 14 countries across the MENA region and had over six million customers and a network of 150,000 drivers. 

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e-business strategy
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The company became the region’s largest ride-hailing platform and success was down to a combination of a head start over local knowledge, home-field advantage and Uber. The app of the company eliminated the struggle of finding a cab on the street. With just a few taps within the app passengers were connected with drivers for a fast and safe trip.

The company had raised over $421 million in funding & continues to add exciting services to the app like Careem for Women, Careem for Kids, and monthly bookings, unheard of by other taxi services. Although both Uber and Careem were often more expensive than traditional taxi services, the convenience was what drew and build their customer base. They focused on quality customer service and an easier experience for users in order to keep their riders returning. Uber and other taxi service providers were competing fiercely with Careem in the MENA region. The road for the company will be not easy due to changes in the transportation industry.


Q1. Do Porter’s five forces analysis on Careem and suggest your strategy to help the company in facing the cut-throat competition.

Q2. Prepare a SWOT Analysis report of the company.

Due Dates and Grading


Date of release

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Assignment-3 (Case Study)

End of 6th Week

End of 12th Week

Instructions: This is an individual assessment, which is a part of this course score. It requires effort and critical thinking. The submission method of all assignments should be through the Black board only. Submit your assignment in MS-Word format only and Check Plagiarism before submitting your assignment.

Formatting Guidelines for Assignment:

· Only use MS-Word format to submit the assignment

· Don’t submit the assignment without applying following the below mentioned formatting guidelines.

· Font style: Times New Roman , Font size: 12/14

· Page layout: Page size-A4,Orientation-Portrait,Margins-Narrow

· Paragraph spacing: 1.5 line spacing with Justified paragraph(Ctrl +J)

· Insert page number in footer section.

· Plagiarism test is mandatory before submission of the assignment.

· Use APA referencing for any contents taken from outside trusted resources.

Note: Use this attached Covering Page as First Page of your every assignment before submitting it through Blackboard.

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Assignment for ECOM 421

E-Business Strategies and Business Models

Assignment No. 3

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