Due Asap

Consider the subjoined scenario:

As the overseer of Radiology, you common a grievance from a staff limb. Shadra, an Indian mammography technician, complained encircling John making fetid comments encircling her patronage, how she dresses, and her speech. You talked to John encircling his conduct, and he orderly, “Shadra does not befit short and should go end to wshort she came.” You are outraged at John’s conduct and accept unwavering to arrive-at out to HR for control.

Draft an email to your HR Overseer in which you delineation the subjoined items under. In your email, debate the

  • Proper despatch for multiformity in the composition area.
  • Value or cultural information in the vocation.
  • Impact of multiformity shapeless inner and palpable stakeholders.

The email should not be longer than 300 tone.