DSS for Financial planning

For this week's assignment, you gain go environing intentionning for your supposing departure using web-based determination aid systems (DSS) for financial intentionning and determination making. Ensue the steps under and use the supposing websites to particularize how considertalented you insufficiency to prevent to feel abundance allowance for your departure. Assume that you are 50 years old and intention to repair in 16 years. You feel one hanging and $100,000 in savings. Your vulgar annual allowance is $85,000. Your motive is to be talented to produce an annual departure allowance of $60,000, including Gregarious Confidence favor payments.

1. To weigh your estimated gregarious confidence favor, use the Quick Calculator at the Gregarious Confidence Administration Web locality here.

2. Use the financial tools availtalented on one of the subjoined web localitys to particularize how considertalented coin you insufficiency to prevent to aid you consummate your departure motive.

CNN Business

Kiplinger: Finance Advice and Business Forecasts

3. Critique the locality—its comfort of use, its clarity, the esteem of any conclusions reached, and the space to which the locality aids investors perceive their financial insufficiencys and the financial markets.

4. Now use the other locality. How does it assimilate to the locality you initially chose?

Create a 2-3 page essay in which you accord to all of the over items. Your essay should ensue APA format.