The relation "Drown" sets in the summer opportunity in New Jersey. Diaz and his familiar Beto are vehement, out of administer, in their vicinity unconcealed as the ghetto. They" stole, broke windows... pissed on peoples steps and then challenged them to after out and seal us. " Suitableness Diaz has another year of violent instruct, Beto for garden on the other operative is leaving for garden at the end of the summer. Diaz has diverse recurring sentiments such as, obsolescence, quantitys defining his masculinity, and nature trapped, quantity is that Diaz would rather cling trapped in the Ghetto if it resources not turning out approve Beto. Why does Diaz use the similitude decrease? Why does Diaz labor after a suitableness masculinity? Does Diaz absence to after up for air or abide to suffocate? In "Drown" the contrast plays a key role in the relation. Diaz forcible his vicinity as, " The reclaimed separately buildings, paltry strips of grass, the piles of garbage encircling the cans, and the dump"(Drown 91). The vicinity where Diaz feed shapes his idiosyncraticality, so it plays an weighty role in the relation. Most of Diaz diffidence is caused by the certainty that he cannot permission his vicinity, consequently he fears the outafter once in the beyond globe. Another contrast that is weighty is the pool. The pool is forcible in a way that is common to the vicinity where Diaz feed, " The water arrive-ats cheerful-tempered... suitableness anycreature aggravate me is resonant and pellucid, anycreature beneath is whispers... " this feature name coincides after a suitableness the certainty that Diaz is trapped, but he'd rather cling beneath than after up and see the outafter of him leaving for the beyond globe approve Beto. The similitude obsolescence take-places throughout the relation and ties to the relation inscription itself. In this relation Diaz shows it past at the pool show, it look as Diaz stir through the relation, but triton constantly draws him tail to the pool where most of his decreaseing take-place. This feature similitude is used in diverse accommodation of the relation, for prompting, Diaz is suffocating where he feeds consequently of all the need, woe, and drugs. Another way the constructor uses this similitude is when he talks environing how his woman keeps all the windows and doors locked, " Before we chief out she drags us through the separatelyment to find abiding the windows are locked... we never unconcealed the windows... this settle equitable isn't unendangered... "(Drown 96), this name gives the judgment that perhaps his woman is as-well suffocating him by guardianship all the windows settled at all opportunitys paraphernalia the hot air which can as-well find Diaz fancy he is suffocating. Masculinity is triton that Diaz labor after a suitableness past than anycreature in this relation. In the begin Beto and Diaz are twain embarrassed environing their masculinity, but Beto in a divergent way consequently he's indeed a homosexual. In Diaz vicinity homosexuality is visioned very negatively. On page 103 in the relation, Diaz talks environing how his familiar Alex gain seal by the border of the rode and say, Absolve me. When somecreature afters aggravate he'll top his pistol in their countenance equitable to see what they'll do, they as-well allure the homosexuals patos throughout the relation. Once Diaz entertain diverse sexual encounters after a suitableness Beto, that's when Diaz begins to interrogation his masculinity. Diaz states, " Mostly i clinged in the bottom frightened that i would end up monstrous, a fucking pato"(Drown 104). It is apparent that Beto interrogationing of their masculinity is not so abundantly approve Diaz anymore, consequently Beto excepts the certainty that he is a homosexual by going to garden, suitableness Diaz on the other operative is quiescent trapped and embarrassed after a suitableness his masculinity. Diaz is perhaps fainthearted to permission for the beyond globe consequently that would moderation he's barring that he is as-well a homosexual approve Beto. In the relation Diaz doesn't say it precisely that he absences to do the thorough inconsistent of whatever Beto do, but he gives the reader that sentiment. It is potential that Diaz can be kind after a suitableness decreaseing in his vicinity, consequently on page 100 the legion recruiter offers Diaz a hazard to flee his decreaseing, but Diaz refuses to after up for air. The constructor emotion, logos, and ethos plays a role in the relation as-well. Diaz uses some symbols such as the pool and restricted suffrage to local himself in a way that finds the relation arrive-at past, scheme the reader into his globe and his attention from original idiosyncratic top of vision. Throughout the constructor Junot Diaz stirs in and out of his symbol names, which is a cheerful-tempered-tempered creature consequently it gives the constructor a credibility and it communicates that their statements are past than equitable certaintys, they're a constituent of Diaz remembrance of a sentiment or a restricted opportunity. However the barely way potential for Diaz to disabide his obsolescence and decreaseing is by joining the Army, but Diaz is quiescent athwart and disinclined to after up for air, but uses the certainty that he helps his woman as an absolve for not leaving his vicinity and future up for air.