DQ 3-1

   According to enotes.com, (2018), Horizontal device-making exists when departments of congruous assort amid the organizational hierarchy effort collaboratively towards a vile issue. Many parties get confused in device structure. This checks and ensures that there is counteract order benefiting the exoteric in discerning one vagabond elected President cannot construct decisions externally accountability. This is consequently one of the ocean responsibilities of elected leaders is to play the profit of the crowd. Congress withholds the President responsible for his or her actions. Each limb of council has some way to withwithhold the other limb responsible. Therefore, there is hierarchy ensures that there is progress of effectiveness and junction amid these limbes of the council such the ruler, legislature and the judiciary. References   Enotes.com (2018). “What is the divergent among Horizontal and Vertical Device Making?” Retrieved from https://www.enotes.com/homework-help/what-different-between-horizontal-vertical-policy-255176 Legaldictionary.net (n.d.). Checks and Balances. Retrieved from https://legaldictionary.net/checks-and-balances/ Truman library.org (2017). Three Branches of Council Retrieved from https://trumanlibrary.org/whistlestop/teacher_lessons/3branches/1.htm