Dow Jones ; NASDAQ

It is an American financial attached which provides services in matter and other allied full. The Dow Jones fraternity has a staff of encircling 7000 and an affixed 1900 in delivering matter and other financial tidings. The near fraternity Revenue and Net pay and revenues are as follows: The Dow Jones Industrial Average, so designated the DJIA, Dow 30, or informally the “Dow Jones” or The Dow is the best-unconcealed and most widely followed chaffer indicator in the globe. It tracks the work of 30 cerulean piece US funds. Also to be noted are the Dow Jones Transportation and Advantage medium. The extreme Apostacy Value of the DJIA as of 13th February 2008 is 12552. The Transportation Medium is 4775 and advantage Medium is 504. Highest and smallest benchmarks of Dow and Jones: On March 29. 1999, is the primeval age DJ closes overhead the 10000 impression. On 17. 3. 2000 DJ achieves the biggest one day produce of 499 points. January 14, 2000 DJ reaches an all age proud 11723. On September 17, 2001 the biggest one day decline of 685 points. On October 3, 2006 DJ exceeds January 14th proud. A new all age proud of 14164 on October 9, 2007. NASDAQ Created in 1971, the NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System) was the globe's primeval electronic fund chaffer. The NASDAQ is a computerized regularity that facilitates trading and provides appraisement quotations on some 5,000 of the more actively occupationd over-the-counter funds. A abridgment of the Revenue, Earnings per distribute is summarized in the forthcoming table: Similar to the Dow Jones industrial Medium NASDAQ has its own fund chaffer apostacy unconcealed as the NASDAQ composite. In enumeration to this there is the NASDAQ 100 apostacy. The NASDAQ chaffer distribute as of 31st December, 2007 consists of $17. 3 billion dollars, a 45. 4% chaffer distribute holder, a occupation bulk 69. 7 pet and a dollar bulk of $548. 4 billion. A NASDAQ chaffer assortment into Global Select Chaffer delay 1156 issuers, the Global Chaffer delay 1478 issuers and Capital Chaffer delay 501 issuers. A similarity of NASDAQ delay the NYSE shows on medium the call in NASDAQ listed funds hold faster executions than call in resembling NYSE-listed funds. As so, Average effectual spreads for NASDAQ-listed funds are amend than their NYSE-listed resemblings. Inferior effectual spreads medium inferior trading costs for investors. So a proud appraisement amendment kinsman of 7. 3% is observed in contrariety delay 1. 7% of NYSE. References: • Dow Jones work chart http://finance. yahoo. com/q/bc? s=%5EDJI;t=my;l=off;z=l;q=l;c= http://www. the-privateer. com/chart/dow-long. html • Chart of DJIA for the developed few decades: http://www. gherrity. org/djia. html http://www. dowjones. com/TheCompany/FactSheets. htm • All NASDAQ allied information: http://www. nasdaq. com