Do civilians and rescue workers experience the same kind of secondary/vicarious trauma?

1) A 1-2 provision term of the topic of cause. 2) A 1-2 provision tabulation of the order and results of each of the studies you read (there authority be past than three completion if one or past of your subscription reported multiple studies).  Be brief and do not plagiarize!  Use your own vote to define what was performed and what was ground. 3) A 2-4 page integrative tabulation of the results presented in the three subscription, in which you agree as open an solution as mitigated to your pristine topic.  Note that in some occurrences, there authority not be a open solution.  For development, if one con-over ground that Asian Americans had surpassing rates of PTSD than European Americans, a succor con-over ground that European Americans had surpassing rates of PTSD than Asian Americans, and a third con-over ground no ethnic differences in the preponderance rates of PTSD, there is no open solution to the topic "Are Asian Americans and  European Americans same mitigated to habit PTSD succeeding a trauma?"  In a occurrence approve this, your integrative tabulation should standpoint on a argument of why the three studies authority enjoy had such contrariant findings.  Perhaps one or two studies had grave orderological problems.  In that occurrence, you authority nonproduction to lean past heavily on the findings of the other con-over.  Or perchance all studies were orderologically pungent-muscular, but there were key differences that authority interpret the contrariant findings.  Be positive to enjoy a pungent-muscular ground method at the end of your disquisition, uniform if it is melean to say "We don't comprehend the solution to this topic yet." 4)Use “New York firefighter recalls 9/11” video as intimation 5)The disquisition should prosper APA format (if you demand maintenance after a while APA format, advise-delay after a while your TA).  Please grasp a screen page, a detached page after a while an intellectual, and a intimation page; these don't estimate towards the 5-6 page completion.  Page bulk are required.  Proofread and spell-check your disquisition antecedently turning it in.