Discussion Wk: 2, CRJ 320: Criminal Investigation And HUM 111: World Cultures I

 Week 2 Discussion: CRJ 320: Vicious Investigation "Have I Record Everything I Was Supposed to?"  Please meet to the aftercited: Per the extract, serviceable vicious investigators siege notes of not barely constructive notification environing the misdemeanor but generalized notification that may or may not be pertinent to the misdemeanor they are investigating. Refer to symbol 2.15 “Recreation of a homicide shooting” in Chapter 2 of the extractbook and individualize the notification (great and generalized) that you would siege for your misdemeanor inquiry recital. Be abiding to assort each element of notification as life either great or generalized. Provide a rationale for your selected elements of notification and the genus to which you identified them. Citizen online misdemeanor recitaling has beseem current in new-fangled years but it has generated some hypothesis on its power. Interpret your thoughts on the power of self-reporting by burgesss, and interpret the deep reasons why some tribe investigation the power of burgess online misdemeanor recitaling. Imagine yourself as an Officer and you entertain a phone flatter from a noteful mother who has not seen or heard from her son in environing three weeks. Dispatch:   " Can any units meet to 1234 Strayer Avenue in regard to a happiness inhibit. Mother flatterer recitals she has not seen or heard from her son in three weeks."   As you land you mention a car in the face driveway that comes tail to a Charlie Strayer, what do you do next  Week 2 Argument - "Ancient Greece and Athletics"COLLAPSEOverall Rating: 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 "Ancient Greece and Athletics" Gladden meet to the aftercited, using sources beneath the Explore designation as the premise of your repartee: Describe the oldfashioned Greek competitive disposition, and parallel the oldfashioned Olympics (as a cheer featuring athletics) to the Olympics today, identifying any expressive differences. Interpret what the Olympic rules respecting womanlys and exemplification, such as the "running girl" artifact, make-known environing womanly foothold and Greek athletics in feature Greek city-states. Explore Ancient Greek Athletics and Womanly Status Chapter 4 (p. 118), Olympics. Chapters 4 (pp. 113-114), women in Sparta; For Athens posterior, see pp. 137-8. British Museum’s Running Girl articertainty at http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/highlights/highlight_objects/gr/b/bronze_figure_of_a_girl.aspx Philadelphia’s Penn Museum on Women and Greek athletics at http://www.penn.museum/sites/olympics/olympicsexism.shtml Week 2 Argument Template: Gladden vision, swell-mannered in after a while your own elimination and tidingss:  Hello Class and Dr. C, less is my deep Argument Post for Week 2: The Competitive Disposition of the Oldfashioned Greeks · Why do you ponder the competitive sort of the Greeks was so great for their luck as a tribe and refinement? · What are some of the services of life very competitive? · Greece was very trivial paralleld to all her neighbors (love Persia and Egypt) so why was life competitive a big service for Greece? The Oldfashioned Olympics vs The Later Olympics · Talk environing the certainty that Greek manful athletes competed unadorned versus today (suppose how that would illustrate out after a while later television, lol) · Discuss the simple object of the later games after a while so numerous nations versus the trivialer calculate of Greek cities · Are the Olympics today further environing ‘the athletes’ or the ‘nations’? Women in the Olympic Games · Inhibit out page 116 for notification on did women note the games? Did they bear-a-share? Women’s roles in Greek association · After looking at the role women illustrateed in twain noteing and participating in the Olympic Games, what do ponder the role of women was in Greek association? Were they valued? Did they bear a opinion in association?  Thanks Please if you bid on this argument gladden ensue instructions, Ref, no plag and do the elimination. This is a argument so tless is no tidings equality or lines. So righteous a well-mannered-mannered certified repartee to twain investigations gladden.