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Response 1:   I am going to be the CEO of Under Armour and my frolic attractive provoke is going to be to shape Beneath Armour into a Soundness and Wellness society instead of a lusty housings society.  It popularly dabbles in this scope after a while its acquisition of mapmyrun which is an app that helps athletes trace their kindred runs and bikes. With this frolic attractive provoke is going to be the union of a crossfit gym, gnc appendix shop, an Under Armour lusty housings shop, and your persomal doctors appointment.  Imagine a community where mean trite tribe entertain a further affordable statement of what cosmos-people assort athletes entertain.  You operation out at the gym trite and your operationout is trace and logged benefit to our wearable technology.  Tribe can then log their alimentation into the identical app trite and their soundness stats are logged throughout the month.  All of this basis is traceed and using AI curt and granted to our natural trainers and soundness professionals that can encounter after a while our clients full month to supply one on one counseling and coaching.  This conquer all be granted beneath a monthly usage affect a gym fraternity.  When the pattern make-trial-ofs out and demonstrates enhanced soundness outcomes we can reach a embody for the possible soundness protection dispense.  There are manifold cases where companies conquer pay some of their employees to operation out or entertain a gym fraternity owing it saves the society capital in preventative soundness outcomes.  I demand to get caught up on the basis cause of this training past I am switching tardy in the frolic but I am bold there is profusion of basis out there after a while publicly traded companies ***************************************************** Response 2:   My attractive provoke as the CEO of XPO Logistics conquer be to generate a expeditious of self-driving lading demeanors using the newly exposed technology of GAN. I am pursuing this owing the logistics cosmos-people of semi-trailers is changing secure. We entertain a national driver shortage that conquer solely growth as the years endure. This instrument that the dispense cannot encounter the demands that is placed on it to provoke lading and effect. This is due to quiescent salary, new regulations, and a failure of cause in the younger generations. Autonomous lading demeanors can grow this demand and conquer be further efficient in the introduction of lading. The fruit of GAN (adversarial neural networks) conquer assign the AI the amalgamateability that autonomous demeanors now failure. Through the fruit of this technology we can generate a protected self-driving lading demeanor that can amalgamate and attain as it drives. Once exposed we can transition into use of these in our expeditious, and we can dispose-of these to other competing companies. We can generate a cerulean main dispense of self-driving autonomous amalgamateable lading carriers. Data           Basis was exaltedly significant. My popular job, which is fictitious by the logistics issues in the dispense, gave me a further sharp vision of the dispense. I had some support as I wait-on a property overvision at the end of each year and logistics is one of the topics. Therefore, I had a tolerably good-natured-natured-tempered-tempered-tempered beneathstanding of the dispense and the toil. However, I severe myself to go end to a indifferent standsubject-matter and firm basis not to make-trial-of my conjecture, but to get an overall signification of the dispense. After looking into XPO I attained that they are a very liquescent society and were in a good-natured-natured-tempered-tempered-tempered position to follow on a provoke affect this. I attained that my vision of the dispense was tolerably respectful and reasonable. This was a good-natured-natured-tempered-tempered-tempered being and helped to revive my frolic attractive provoke. Finally, digging into GAN and getting a good-natured-natured-tempered-tempered-tempered beneathstanding of the implications of this technology was my biggest attaining subject-matter. I’m delighted to see that the possibilities after a while using GAN in autonomous driving is very justified and has a exalted possible. Therefore, the assembly and partition of basis was exaltedly advantageous in persuasive my resolution on my frolic-attractive provoke. If I were the CEO of XPO, which I am for the capstone, this is correspondently where I would centre my efforts. The dispense is changing and the pristine one to break into the self-driving lading demeanors conquer be the ones to pilfer the dispense portion-out and conclude out on top.