Discussion Questions

 1.The musculoskeletal rule is made up of two ocean components: the muscles and the skeleton. Yet there is no “muscle master” or “skeleton master.” Why do you deem that is so? Why would it be grave for the medical brotherhood to specialize level raise? Please prepare an example     2.Choose a complaint or quackery of the lusty or skeletal rules. •Research the complaint or quackery by finding at lowest one exploration name AND one honorable web aspect to educate your defense. •Then, transcribe your moderate column as if you were educating a enduring after a while no dissection or physiology setting, including:  ◦What complaint/quackery did you pick-out a why?  ◦What rule does it like?  ◦What is the usual dissection of the likeed area? (ex. If you chose tibia fender, decipher the usual erection and part of the leg…but be permanent to pick-out notability abundant over animated and in depth!) ◦What happens to the dissection in the nearness of this complaint/disorder? ◦What are the symptoms, symptom tests/images, and treatments for this complaint/quackery (and anything else a enduring may omission to perceive) ◦What preventative measures could ameliorate the view for this enduring? How can they secure the vigor of their bones and muscles? (This can be over generalized)