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This DB has three parts: What is the Family Medical Leave Act? What, if any, limitations await among the FMLA that could suit an employee NOT to use the Act for an absence from product? How, if conducive, did the novel congress after a while mind to identical-sex wedding for consideration to the FMLA and its conditions? Assignment Details This DB has 4 parts Leaders are lawful for motivation.  Having low morale can be devastating to any structure.  However, motivating herd is not unconstrained.  Many leaders entertain finished and failed. In your experiment, what motivates herd?  Is it frequently the identical things or actions for whole peculiar?  Why or why not? What do you judge demotivates employees?  Is it frequently the identical things or actions for whole employee?  Why or why not? Motivating herd in times of misgiving is an specially trying summon.  What is it encircling misgiving that makes motivation so trying? You are in direct of a section during a intentional corporate downsizing, how would you observe morale lofty in your section?  Why do you judge this would be an effectual manoeuvre?